Is this The Most Durable Smartphone Yet?

Smartphones are sophisticated pieces of machinery. That sophistication doesn’t lend itself well to durability and often times having a device made of glass in your hand isn’t a good idea.

Now what if you could get a phone that was extremely durable, toughing out every situation you toss it in? We are looking at one such phone today, called Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2.

The name may be quite a mouthful, but rest assured, it’s as tough as they come. The smartphone went through a torture test by the famous YouTuber Zack on his channel JerryRigEverything. Not only did the DuraForce Pro 2 ace his test, it also impressed Zack with its strength.

It comes with a special Sapphire glass display, which is supposed to be the most durable one out there.

Have a look,

Before we talk about the test itself, let’s talk about sapphire glass. It is the toughest type of glass we can currently make, being second only to diamond in terms of hardness. It is expensive and takes a lot of time to manufacture.

This is why you don’t see sapphire glass on every other smartphone out there, as it’s not cheap to mass produce.

Normally a smartphone comes with a Gorilla Glass display, with the latest model (Gorilla Glass 6) being used on phones in 2018.

Gorilla Glass 5 and 6 are a level 6 on Moh’s scale of hardness, Sapphire glass is 8 and diamond, being the toughest, is at level 10. We also see Kyocera’s phone getting scratched at level 8, meaning it uses real sapphire glass.

As a general rule, a material at a certain level on Moh’s scale can only be scratched by the same material or a harder material. For example, a level 6 material can’t be scratched or damaged by a level 5 material.

DuraForce Pro 2 uses plastic everywhere on the phone, which means it won’t get dented like metal phones or break like glass phones. It also survived the bend test with no flex at all and quickly recovered from the burn test as well.

Side Note

Apple claims to use sapphire glass on the camera lenses for the iPhones, but it’s fake. It can be scratched by a level 6 material, even though sapphire glass shouldn’t get scratched or damaged by anything below a level 8.

They claim that it’s too expensive to include on their phones, yet Kyocera’s $444 phone does come with it. Speaks volumes about Apple’s marketing policies.

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  • “Apple claims to use sapphire glass on the camera lenses for the iPhones, but it’s fake”. Lol. They use sapphire but not pure as this one is. So please double search if you claim anything

  • Idiots just discovered this while it is quiet old. There are much better phones out there with much specifications and much longer battery life.

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