A Chinese Company is Launching Free Satellite Wi-Fi Around The World

If anybody claims to offer free Wi-Fi, it feels like too good to be true. However, one Chinese company is actually planning to give free Wi-Fi to everybody across the globe.

The Chinese internet company behind this venture, Linksure Network, was founded in Shanghai in 2013. It is aiming to provide free WiFi service all over the world with the help of 272 satellites.

According to the Chinese media, Linksure Network has rolled out the first satellite in a constellation plan to provide free internet.


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With satellites, the company tends to surpass the main hurdle for places like oceans and deserts where infrastructure facilities cannot be installed.

The satellites will enable the people to browse and avail internet services through their Mobile Phones in regions not covered by telecom networks.

The Chinese enterprise plans to launch the whole constellation of 272 satellites by 2026. It has revealed that the first satellite, named Linksure No.1, is going to launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China’s Gansu province in 2019.

It needs to be mentioned here that Linksure Network is not the first company to plan so. Companies like SpaceX, Telesat, OneWeb, and Google also plan to provide internet access through satellites.

As per the United Nations data of 2017, 3.9 billion individuals remain unconnected to the internet. Hopefully, this will not be the case by the next few years.

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  • Wifi and Satellite don’t mix, they’re different technologies,
    are they going to install the access point everywhere? but that would be stupid and kill the purpose of Satellite!
    So, how it going to work?

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