Pakistan Urges UK to Assist in Tackling the Money Laundering Issue

Information Minister, Chaudhry Fawad, has urged the United Kingdom government to work in collaboration with Pakistan to eliminate the scourge of money laundering.

He was talking to the British parliamentarians during a visit to the UK Parliament in London on Thursday.

The minister said that the PTI government was committed to the supremacy of law in the country and wants to rid people of poverty. He added that Pakistan has good relations with the United Kingdom and desires to improve them.

While speaking about the overseas Pakistani he confirmed that the government will do its best to resolve the problems of overseas Pakistanis.

The information minister briefed the British parliamentarians on the PTI government’s socio-economic reforms agenda.

Later, while talking to media in London, the information minister said that Pakistan is ready to play a constructive role for the peace process in the Middle East.

The minister said the economy of Pakistan was improving as exports and remittances were on the rise, imports were declining and stability was returning.

The vital indicators of the economy were getting stable, he explained. He said volatility of the dollar was due to the fact that Ishaq Dar in the past spent $6-7 billion dollar to keep the value of dollar low.

He added that $11 billion went to 26 countries from Pakistan and a large part of it was funneled to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The minister said that Pakistan was strengthening its laws to check the illegal flow of money to foreign countries. In his talks with the British parliamentarians, he stressed that international cooperation should be increased and laws should be made to stop investments made with illegal money.

He said those who take the law into their hands will be dealt with strictly, adding that Ishaq Dar would be brought back to Pakistan.

  • Lol. We’re asking the UK. The same country which continues to give asylum to Muttahida Qatil Movement’s leader who was also involved with money laundering on a monumental scale. Received a cut from Karachi’s bhatta, “donations”, and snatchings, plus “Khidmat e Khalaq” foundation’s donations on top of it.

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