Bringing Phones to Pakistan? Here’s How Much Tax You Will Have to Pay

Are you bringing a phone to Pakistan or importing it via an e-commerce site like AliExpress? We’ve got bad news for you.

The government has formalized its tax structure for mobile imports and you’re going to be paying a lot of money in duties and taxes.

Exactly how much? That’s what we are going to explain in this article.

How Many Phones Can You Bring to Pakistan?

If you’re using a foreign SIM on roaming, there are no restrictions.

However, if you put in a Pakistani SIM, you’ll have 30 days to get the device whitelisted. Failing to do so will result in the phone being blocked.

Overall, you can bring up to 5 phones per year to Pakistan. Apart from one phone, you’ll have to pay taxes and duties on each one. So if you bring 5 phones, you can use a primary one and not pay anything on it. On the other 4, taxes will have to be paid.

PTA will be handling all NOC requests as well as taking taxes for the phones. The process has been digitized and you can easily do it online now.

Different Types of Duties and Taxes

First of all, let’s list down all the different types of duties and taxes you’ll have to pay on phone imports.

  • Customs Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Additional Sales Tax
  • IT Duty
  • Mobile Levy
  • Provincial Tax


Here’s the List of Phones That Will Be Used to Calculate Taxes on Your Phone

Value of Duties and Taxes

Mobile Levy

Value of phone in PKR Levy
10,000 to 40,000 Rs. 1000
40,000 to 80,000 Rs. 3000
Over 80,000 Rs. 5000

Regulatory Duty

Value of phone in US Dollars Taxation
$1 to $60 Rs. 250
$61 to $130 10% of value
Over $130 20% of value

Sales Tax

The amount for sales tax is fixed at Rs. 1500.

Customs Duty

The amount for customs duty is fixed at Rs. 250.

Additional Sales Tax

The additional sales tax is fixed at 3% of the phone’s value.

IT Tax

The IT tax is fixed at 9% of the phone’s value.

Provincial Tax

The provincial tax is applicable only for Punjab and it’s fixed at 0.9% of the phone’s value.

How Much Tax You’ll Pay Based on Phone Value

If you don’t want to swing out a calculator, we’ve compiled this list which will tell you exactly how much tax and duties you’ll pay depending on the cost of the phone.

Please keep in mind that these charges are calculated by assuming the value of the US Dollar is equivalent to Rs. 140.

Value of Mobile Taxation in PKR
$50 Rs. 4641
$100 Rs. 6367
$150 Rs. 8083
$200 Rs. 13,116
$250 Rs. 15,666
$300 Rs. 20,216
$350 Rs. 22,767
$400 Rs. 25,317
$450 Rs. 27,867
$500 Rs. 30,417
$550 Rs. 34,967
$600 Rs. 37,517
$650 Rs. 40,067
$700 Rs. 42,618
$800 Rs. 47,718
$900 Rs. 52,818
$1,000 Rs. 57, 918
$1,200 Rs. 68,119
$1,400 Rs. 78,319
$1,500 Rs. 83, 420

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • DIRBS lagany ka uy matlab nhi tha k logon ke lena shuru kr do ,
    Agr itna Tax raha to vote ni milny , Imran Khan ko acha bhala admi samjhty thy ham log per haqeeqt kuch aor ha , ab is say ziada me kehna nhi chahta q k post phir delete kr de jay ge , nhi to alfaz to buhat achy keh sakta hoon me , aor PTA walon ke slah ha k inka office google maps say hamesha k liy hata dia jay ta k Pakistan mein PTA ka name leny say b darein k jooty na parrh jaein kahein
    Tax ko kam kro nhi to Nawaz Sharif ko Jail say bahir aany mein dair nhi lagy ge , aor Army kuch b nhi kr saky ge
    @Imran Khan
    (My P)

        • Yes because army fan club is clapping on anything that is happening to political opponents and where generals and judges are busy in “fixing but it won’t take Pakistan anywhere.,it will get worse than ever.

          Don’t let the clapping stop.

      • You need to know what does it mean.

        Some people always rise again, rest characters of the play live a miserable life after retirement on 60/65.

    • “@ imran khan” to bhai ne aisay kia hai jaise Imran Khan abhi ye article parh kr reply krdega inko ;)

      • I guess you will say the same for everyone who criticise Imran? Imran isnt reading but that doesn’t stop anyone from sharing their thoughts which other people read and make their mind.

        What you said is typically immature.

        • You should learn how to understand humor and sarcasm first before jumping to conclusions.
          I, nowhere wrote that ‘anyone’ shouldn’t write what them want. What I only meant is tagging a PM is not possible in an online forum/blog.

          BTW, only you can find offence in a post done for fun (with a smiley)

  • I am travelling to Pakistan for 2 weeks in February. Whilst in Pakistan I will be using a Pakistani sim which I already have. I suppose I will be ok as the phone will be blocked after 30 days. Will be back in UK by then

    • when you will insert pakistani sim count down of 30 days will start after 30 days your phone in pakistan will be blocked for future so if you will be in pakistan or when ever you will come back with same phone it will (still) be blocked that time you will not be able to us that exact phone.

      • Are you serious?

        This govt expects overseas Pakistanis to bring a new phone every time they come to Pakistan or pay tax even if they take the same phone back with them?

        That is simple, they can’t control the sh!t, they want people to suffer.

        • No you didn’t understand.. New phones are almost 99% customs paid so you wont need to pay any tax in future.
          If you bought it from abroad, you’ll have to pay tax for the 2nd or 3rd…..nth phone

    • Yes. For two weeks its ok. I guess if you bought it from Pakistan (in case of new phone or a legal used phone), you won’t need to pay any tax

  • 7 – Tax heads for a cell phone – wow !!!!, by the way,, didn’t see the usual WHT,, did someone at PTA missed this head ??

  • This is insane. A 21000 PKR phone costs 30000 and one has to pay 40K tax for a flagship grade phone. This is pathetic by Govt.
    Due to $ increase mobile phone prices have already increased insanely high. And this type of tax will further decline MBB penetration in Pakistan. Ab ….. mein le lo tabdeeli.

    • You are acting like all of these taxes are new taxes and no taxes were imposed by the previous govt.

      • Oh yes, whataboutism. The same logic Trump uses to pull stupid crap.

        “Yes, we’re doing bad but the previous government did bad things too so that makes it okay”

        No, that doesn’t make it okay. Just because the previous government overburdened the people with taxes doesn’t mean it’s okay for the current government to increase that burden by a huge margin.

      • Can’t they reduce these taxes bc we have voted for a change. If you can’t remove these “injustice” taxes then I’ll have to say; “there is no difference between pti, pmln and ppp”

    • You don’t have to pay anything for your personal phone. Tax will be imposed on more than 1 phone. This system is implemented to discourage smuggling of phones. If in Pakistan, buying phone from local market wouldn’t be affected unless trying to buy smuggled one. How is it going to effect normal consumer? Just one drawback I can see is for those who bring gift phone for their family members.

  • How will they evaluate the taxes for used devices? Let’s say someone is importing a used phone model which has been discontinued years ago with original price tag of $400 but the importer is buying it in $75 , will he be charged taxes for the price of one i.e. $400?

  • Aik easy way ha , sab log smuggle mobile lo aor wifi use kro (mobile wifi) aor call krny k liy SIM feature phone mein use kro , Flagship mein na sim lagy aor na PTA ke approval leny ke zarorat parry , a DIRBS ko apni back mein ly lein PTA waly q k companies ke mobile wifi devices ke sale mein 5 time izafa hony ka time aa gea ha
    Companies b khush aor customers b khush , aor Imran Khan aor PTA charry us pay BC

  • This blog may have been much more useful if you had already tried to mention HOW TO PAY THESE TAXES ONCE PHONES ARE BROUGHT IN?

    I mean what value did you even add to a press release from the government?

    • Why don’t you expect your government should add this value to their press release by having complete info?

  • “Overall, you can bring up to 5 phones per year to Pakistan. Apart from one phone, you’ll have to pay taxes and duties on each one.”

    So if someone gifts me a phone, I can register it for free (assuming it’s the first phone)?

  • I believe no new tax is imposed. It is just that implementation of the existing tax is getting started now.

  • So its better for someone buying $1200 worth of device to personally fly out to dubai and get a new device every year and pay for the flights and visa instead of paying tax to govt. Its not wrong to say govt hooked rich people up with foreign tours lol

    • Jo aik phone ap wahan say laein gy us pay b tax lagy ga phir uska IMEI enter krein gy DIRBS mein phir Approval mily ge PTA ke tarf say k apki SIM active kr de gai ha , yahi to problem ha , One personal phone pay zara low percentage mein hoga tax bilkul free nhi hoga wo aik phone b , Yar problem uy ha k her kisi ka dil krta ha smart phone leny ko ameer ny to ly lia , jo afford nhi kr sakty wo ? Aor student life mein to ziada zarorat hoti ha aor students afford nhi kr paty , by the end In k pas is bat ka answer ha to bta dein k Asia mein konsa aisa country ha jis mein is percent say tax charge hota ha mobile phones pay ?

  • bad move, instead of giving people chance to generate more wealth, Gov is making it more difficult, so we can say goodbye to 5G…when the new phone will be this expensive, who will be using 5G? and who’s going to buy 5G licence?

  • For a 30k mobile, I have to pay 12,350.
    Let’s all smoke weed and go to Lala land to F*ck stupid politicians.

    • Please be precise when you say politicians, this decision is by new government headed by Imran Khan and supported by some irrelevant who always want to stay relevant and always have itch not to be on “one page” with any government.

      • As per few comments here, some of the taxes are given as a “GIFT” from the previous Govt to this Govt so they both are equally responsible for that.

        I wrote all politicians because everyone is behind the wheel.

    • عوام نے پہلے کون سا تبدیلی کے لئے ووٹ دیا تھا، یہ حکومت تو “اوپر” والوں کی چاہت اور مرضی سے آئی ہے۔

  • I am using 2 phones. My phones are not pinpack so do i have to pay the tax?? 1 phone is almost 2nd half years old and i used it in pakistan many times during my vacations to pakistan.
    The other phone i bought in november.
    This tax is only applicable to pinpavk phones or used phones also??

  • @ali_salman:disqus I can see that you find it your utmost job to reply on every comment with same rant. Mate forget about politics you seriously need a good payment job to do better in life !

  • I am gonna be bringing my own personal mobile s9+but gonna be staying in pakistan for over two months how much znd is this tsx gonna be every time i come into pakistan???

    Yardies gonna have extorsion

  • Hum pahly UK main tax dain phir in chor pakistanion ko bhi tax dain phir airport par pohanchty he rishwat dain, Phir bahir nikal k police ko rishwat dain. Koi phone cheen ly to koi pochny wala nahi. ajeeb baqwas hai ye

  • خاطر جمع رکھو پاکستانیو، عمران خان کی حکومت میں اب سو پیاز بھی کھاؤ گے اور سو جوتے بھی، وہ بھی خوشی خوشی ???۔

  • روک سکو تو روک لو تبدیلی آئی رے۔
    پاکستانیوں تیار رہو سو پیاز اور سو جوتے کھانے کے لئے۔

  • This tax was to take Imran Khan from The rich from Pakistan had to evacuate from the people and it is taking away from the hard labor who have left the poor house and went out Should you have tax, these people have fired the tax indiscriminately What tax is yet to be The tax that these people have filled will be the most tax thief from the public. filled

  • I was very surprised when Mr. Imran Khan Niazi addressed after 60 days of his Govt telling that he could not give time to Mrs. Niazi as he was very busy in Govt work. But still he was able to sleep at least at home with his wife and family.
    While overseas Pakistani left their family, wife, children for years to just have little better life and future, and to whom they complain?
    Plz someone tell to Mr. Khan there are no seeds which grow money trees in Europe, Arab and America. While overseas Pakistani contributing huge in the economy of Pakistan, with due respect you Mr. Khan still finding the ways to rob them? Please Sir Stop getting advice from your illegible appointed so called ministers and lift the imposed duties on mobile devices from overseas Pakistani.

  • i just wanna say that stop sending dollars to Pakistan for 3 months then you will see government definitely step down. just try for few months………

  • Tex must be imposed but there must b some logic on imposing texes this is not appropriate ratio of seems regulatory authority have only way to generate revenue for country “just imposing high ratio texes who bring cell fone”

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