Najam Sethi Has Reportedly Cost PCB Rs. 28.6 Crore In Damages

Following a chaotic ending to the dispute case against The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is now being asked to pay Rs. 28.6 crore for the legal cost incurred by BCCI.

The case which started because of Najam Sethi’s ego has now ended in disaster for PCB. BCCI has sent a letter to International Cricket Council (ICC), seeking every penny which the Indian board had to spend for the preparation and during the case’s proceedings.

It is reported that BCCI sent the letter to ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) and demanded PCB to pay Indian Rs. 15 crore, which roughly converts to 28.6 crore in Pakistani rupees.

Why is it Najam Sethi’s Fault?

Despite consistent resistance from a number of prominent PCB officials, Najam Sethi went ahead with the case. According to Ehsan Mani, the current PCB chairman, Pakistan did not stand a chance to win the case.

Ignoring the advice and misleading the media outlets by claiming that Pakistan had a strong case, Najam Sethi has cost PCB a fortune.

ProPakistani covered this in detail and it can be read here.

ICC Rules & Regulations

According to the rules of ICC’s dispute resolution, a party can seek legal expenses in a case and the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) has the final verdict regarding the matter.

PCB can still argue that the board lost the case due to Najam Sethi’s negligence and PCB should not be punished because of it. However, it remains entirely on the committee to decide.

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