Huawei Launches the Watch GT in Pakistan

After successfully launching its Smartphone in the Pakistani market, Huawei has set its eyes on a smart and healthy lifestyle. With a host of smart products in the pipeline, the company is introducing an innovative smartwatch called the Huawei Watch GT – a product that embodies adventure, intelligence and style.

The Huawei Watch GT perfectly mixes classic elements of a watch with a large screen, and a battery that runs for up to two weeks. It features ultra-long endurance, lower power consumption, more professional exercise monitoring and scientific guidance making it a must-have“outdoor smartwatch” for urban explorers.

Huawei entered the smart wearables market in March 2015 with the launch of its first-generation Android-powered smartwatches. Now the company is bringing the Huawei Watch GT to Pakistan. It wishes to usher a healthy lifestyle in Pakistan, since people here are drawn towards sports and adventure in droves.

Huawei Watch GT takes inspiration from Gran Turismo (GT) emulating a luxurious and power-packed performance for people who have an adventurous spirit. With its pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) and UI design featuring multi-color health data design, exquisite fonts, scenario-based display and professional graphics, Huawei Watch GT vividly endows a sense of vitality and modernism.

It has a 10.6mm thick compact body with a 1.39’’ AMOLED HD touch color screen comprising a full circle dial, bezel, crown, and ear. The smartwatch is an auxiliary and extension product of a smartphone that acts as an intelligent assistant for users during hiking, walking, running, cycling, swimming, free training, working and sleeping. If that isn’t convenient enough then we don’t know what is!

Huawei Watch GT supports rich sports modes (hiking, trail run, outdoor walking, running, cycling, swimming and free training), and supports all-round sports data tracking in the context of cooperation with professional sports organizations, such as time, distance, heart rate, stride frequency, step count, aerobic/anaerobic training effect, training status, training load, recovery time suggestion and VO2max.

The smartwatch is enriched with a multi-color dial-design and an advanced User-Interface (UI). It depicts various health data and scenarios in different colors like: Red color for heart rate with a beating heart to depict rhythm while yellowish orange color stands for progress on attainment of goals. The color Purple depicts sound sweet sleep and Green stands for health, vitality and sports interface.

People can gear up for a healthy lifestyle by getting the Huawei Watch GT for PKR 29,999/-. The smartwatch is a first in-line of many other smart products that the company is introducing in Pakistan. For more information, visit Huawei website.

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    Why not buy a china copy of android watch DZ something. Its cheap, use it and if you like it then buy a better one.

    The great thing about android watch for me watchface. I can select which ever expensive model and put that shape on android.

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