PIA Debt Crosses the Rs. 247 Billion Mark

The accumulated debt of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has crossed Rs. 247 billion.

The above revelation came in a National Assembly session where the Aviation Division told the House that PIA has accumulated a debt amounting Rs.247 billion.


As per the details, the flag carrier has received Rs. 198 billion from the government along with an outstanding loan worth Rs. 41 billion on its assets.

Previously, PIA had submitted a comprehensive report in a suo motu case pertaining to irregularities in the department. The report stated that the losses of the national airline accumulated to Rs. 356 billion including the losses of 2017.


PIA Losses Increase by a Staggering Rs. 217 Billion in 10 Years

The report, presented before the Supreme Court, also stated that the PIA has core competency gaps in the entire organization including the senior executive leadership, which deprives it of the capability to improve its performance.

The reasons pointed out in the report include extremely poor Human Resource (HR) practices and political appointments along with the company’s behavior to operate like an obsolete government department instead of a modern business.

The report also highlighted the negative impact of the unions on the daily operations, as they were manipulating employees to ‘go slow’ whenever they desired to pressurize the management.

Currently, the unions have been involved in foiling the efforts to clean up the HR practices.

Via: Tribune

    • Ok, you want to clean the garbage of last 30 years in 4 months? It takes time genius and if government decides to lay people off, you’ll be the first to scream that its injustice!

      • Pakistan’s rating was Positive during PMLN time. It recently slided in PTI’s time. So the current rating has nothing to do with the 30 years. It has to do with the last 6 months of mismanagement by the interim and PTI governments.
        Also it is interesting that PTI paid trolls carefully mention 30 years span of the civilian government. But they never dare to reach the Zia’s time or Musharraf’s time of more than 8 years in the middle. How can you be so blind?. You are paid to do it like that or what?.

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