Illegal 4G Usage in AJK & GB Has Caused Losses of Over Rs. 60 Billion: AGP

The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has detected a loss of around Rs. 61.95 billion due to unlawful usage of 4G services in AJK.

The audit report, on the accounts of Telecommunication Sector for Audit Year 2017-18 (a copy of the report is available with ProPakistani), recommended that the matter should be investigated for fact-finding and fixing of responsibility for the irregularity.

According to Section 6 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 the Authority in exercising its functions and powers under the Act, shall ensure that:

(a) rights of licensees are duly protected;

(b) all of its decisions and determinations are made promptly, in an open equitable, non-discriminatory, consistent and transparent manner; and

(c) fair competition in the telecommunication sector exists and is maintained.

Section 20 further states that no person shall establish maintain or operate any telecommunication system or provide any telecommunication services for which he has obtained a license under this Act.

During the audit it was observed that PTCL and SCO launched 4G/LTE services to its customers at large in AJK & GB without getting/buying spectrum and valid license of 4G/LTE services.

It is worth mentioning that PTA is yet to start the auction process of the 4G spectrum in AJK&GB.

M/S CMPAK (Zong) had also lodged a complaint on June 14, 2017 that such a launch would be discriminatory and anti-competitive. This resulted in a loss to the national exchequer worth approximately Rs 61.95 billion (the last price of 4G spectrum of Mobilink).

  • They wont sale the spectrum and let the illegal business continue. Pakistani govt and its institutions responsible for sale of licenses should be held accountable for not selling licenses for AJK and GB even after years of these services launch in Pakistan. We admit that we are not part of Pakistan (AJK) and they don’t care for us and our progress but it can be requested to them to let the due process happen. why would you not let companies start the services in these areas? how long will we have to bear the monopoly of SCO?

    • GB is also not part of pakistan its part of Kashmir Too…. and Second SCO is pakistan army so no will question them for their shiitii services in pakistan occupied Kashmir (Jammu,Ladak,Valley,Poonch,Gilgit,Baltistan, aksai chin)

    • I think you are not resident of these areas. All service operators are operating freely and illegally. You can buy ZONG, Telenor, Jazz 4G sims easily in any part of AJK and GB.

      • no sim work when you cross sharda kashmir . accept sco or ptcl land line if available, and in cpak route zong and sco works fine even zong not work in some areas but sco work all the time with 4g

      • I am from Muzaffarabad (AJK). The problem is not that the 4G service is not available but it is illegal and causing revenue losses to Pakistan. That is my concern. Although not a cause of concern to Pak Govt.
        I believe SCO is not letting the license auction process as they want to continue their monopoly in these regions.

    • Dear
      Did you ever compare SCO tariff with other telcos?
      have you visited the areas, where they are providing services even in some areas BTS are installed for 10 subscribers only
      i live near to the K2 base camp Askole and Askole is the last village on the route to the Baltoro Glacier and K2. It.s average elevation is 3000 m. the question is why only SCO is providing its services in askole, whereas we had requested other operator many times. in reality, SCO is not generating revenue from us but providing telecom services. i personally approached PTA and then came to know that other mobile operator are revenue oriented and always focused on potential area rather than to serve . i didn’t face any SCO monopoly in my areas but paid taxes to other operators .
      kindly compare SCO data services tariff with other telcos against per MB
      SCO data services charges per MB Rs1
      other companies data services charges per MB Rs10

  • @denis_franklin:disqus Well Said !

    @KhawajaAtteeq GB is not and never was part of Kashmir or Pakistan otherwise it would have enjoyed same independent state’s status as of Pakistani controlled Kashmir. It’s an orphan region.

    OTOH, lately SCO has blatantly been asking for further monopolistic concessions to run their Telecom business not only in GB but across Pakistan. Gladly, they haven’t succeeded so far. SCO is just another business of our valiant Fauj out of other 60+.

    • In the event of a war these corrupt faujis will fail to defend the country. They are more interested in making money than doing their real jobs. There is precedence for this in subcontinent history. The British too faced much larger native armies but they could be bought off so they defeated them quite easily.

  • Well I would like to see SCO launch in the rest of Pakistan too.. maybe they can dent those expensive foreign telecom operators

  • Fouj ki badmashi hai poray Kashmir ma kon rok skta ha foujion ko Kashmirion ko lootnay se??? SCO bnaya he isi leye hai.

  • SCO bnany ka maqsad Kashmirion ki communications control krna or un pr nazar rakhna hai. Pakistan k muqablay main India Kashmirion pr esi koi Badmashi nahe krta. Actually hum Kashmirion ko samjh jana chaye k Pakistan sb se barha dushman hai Kashmirion ka wo ese PoK k logon pr Pakistan hr cheez as compare to India bot expensive sale krta us Food se ly kr Telecom tk sb kuch shamil hai or IoK k sath Pakistan is tarh dushmani pori krta hai k waha terrorist behaj kr Indian Army ko is baat pr majbor krta hai ko very hard action lain, is se sabit hota ha k hume dono tarf se jo nuqsan poncha rha hai wo hmara asali dushman hai. Or yad rahy Indian Army ny aj tk jet Aircraft se Kashmirion pr attack nahe kia jese Waziristan ma terrorist pr kia gya hai.

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