FBR Planning to Launch a Mobile App to File Tax Returns

Pursuing innovative strategy to increase the tax base, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is considering the development of a mobile app to file online returns with greater convenience.

The Board, besides taking numerous steps to achieve the objective, will also ensure integration of databases like National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Provincial Revenue Authorities, Excise and Taxation Departments, Utility Companies and Land Registering Authorities with that of FBR.

Official sources, on Tuesday, said this would be done in a way that a 360-degree view of the economic profile of a taxpayer/non-taxpayer is developed.

Listing other measures adopted under innovative strategy, the sources said the FBR will focus on Mapping Big Businesses & Services (MBBS).

The focus will be on four big and flourishing businesses, including private hospitals, diagnostics, labs, pharmacies eateries & food outlets, bakers and wedding halls.

In the entertainment sector, the domains will be event management, professionals linked with showbiz, sports, drama, film, music and theatre, amusement parks & facilities, private educational institutions,  especially joint ventures with international universities.

The sources said that the real estate sector will also be focused as it has witnessed countless transactions each year.

FBR intends to gather investors’ data, identify unregistered persons and ensure that due tax is paid on everything.

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