GB Govt is Giving Phones Worth Rs. 3.7 Million to Bureaucrats

Gilgit-Baltistan’s government has decided to give new Android phones to at least 40 of its bureaucrats in a bid to ‘speed up service delivery’ in the region.

The above revelation has come in a letter written by the general administration. It reads,

The competent authority is pleased to principally allow the purchase of the mobile phones (Samsung Note 8 or equivalent) with a cost of Rs. 92,000.

The letter states that there was a market survey conducted to ensure uniformity. The survey found “Samsung Note-8 suitable for official usage/utility.”

GB Government to Give Bureaucrats New Android Phones

This initiative is going to cost around Rs. 3.7 million to the national exchequer, as the number of the beneficiaries is 40. It includes 23 secretaries, chief secretary, commissioners, and deputy commissioners.


G-B bureaucrats to receive new Android devices

The initiative has been good news for the beneficiaries (obviously), but it has invited backlash from others, particularly the elected representatives.

According to one GB minister,

Apparently this new mobile scheme is to enhance the performance of the officials, but mark my words it will backfire.

“Now they will be busy with their new devices as service delivery has never been a priority to them,” he said. Some insiders say that the chief minister has not been informed about this initiative. This new development is going to further impact the credibility of the provincial chief minister.

It is pertinent to mention here that the GB chief executive is already being criticized for acquiring dozens of latest model luxury cars during his three-year tenure.

Via: Express Tribune

  • Maal e Muft, dil e be-rehem…

    Kisi aur k taxes pe ayashi aur galiyan b unhi ko jin k tax k paison se ayashi chalti

  • Becharay ghareeb bhikari CSS bureaucrats ko mobile phone b nai den gy to wo kaam kaisy kren gy… khud to ye bhookay nangay hotay hain k apni salary se fone le nai sakty…

    I wishes that these leaches are forced to work for a few years in a private company, especially in a Chinese firm like Huawei.

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