Breaking: Ali Khan Tareen Becomes The New Owner of Sixth PSL Team!


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) management has announced that Ali Khan Tareen has won the franchise rights for the sixth team.

Reports confirm that Ali Khan Tareen made a bid which exceeded the reserve price.

The reserve price set by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was $5.21 million per annum for a period of seven years. The reserve price was exceeded by Ali.

After a tedious process, only two bidders are in contention to become the next owners of the sixth PSL team, likely to be announced today.

According to a PCB official, overwhelming response was received from all across Pakistan but only two candidates have moved on to the final stage of the process.

The statement provided by PCB official, however, is not what has reported in the past few week. Various sources claim that the two parties were actually interested in submitting the bid.

The bidders in contention are as following:

  1. Ali Khan Tareen
    • Son of Jahangir Khan Tareen
  2. Osman Osman
    • Pakistan-born Consortium from South Africa

Both candidates has submitted their bid and are waiting for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to go through the documentation and make their final announcement, expected to be later today.

The spot for the sixth team opened after Multan Sultans failed to pay their dues to PCB. Their contract was terminated one year after the franchise was handed over to the owners.

Additionally, Ehsan Mani personally also wrote several letters to all the BoG members informing that Multan Sultans had violated their PSL agreement.

The new owners will have the privilege of selecting the name and the city of the sixth team, they can choose Multan Sultans again if they please as well.

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  • So Jehangir Tareen will now politicize our cricket as well?. If he will get the team then I will never watch PSL again. This is due to the reason PTI mad dogs and worshipers will start worshiping that team as the best ever and they will inject politics into sports.

    • I don’t agree with that mindset. Of course, I understand your concern but give it time and see how things are played out.

      Every domestic league across the globe has political investors – that is to boost their reputation and not politicize the game that we all know and love.

      • @Syed Zarar Give me any Example in the “developed world” where Any Politician owns a big Sports franchise?. Your claim is just like a claim of PTI where they used the word “Every” without any research:
        It only happens in Africa according to my research. Any example from Europe or America where Politicians are owning franchises?.

        • my dear JKT is not just a politician , he is and was a businessman long before he entered in politics, owns a lot of agricultural land and factories in south Punjab (lodhran and multan region) and maybe you should focus less on propaganda where he had only bike in 80’s :D and used to be a lecturer in Punjab University

        • Research and Khan Supporters…..! Are you kidding? What i realize they just know a single thing, which is blind support and nothing else.

  • PCB is already a politicize body. And now after the entry of Tareen family Allah khair he kary. ARY owns Karachi King and everyone know their political affiliations. So now PTI is leading in PSL with KK and MS :)

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