These Faces are Fake & Were Made by AI

AI might just take over the world soon if things continue as they are. From transforming the commerce industry, lifestyle to boosting marketing and saving lives by detecting a heart attack, AI has it all.

This time, it has come with another surprise. Have a look at these portraits below. Nothing special about them, is it? Well, you would change your mind after knowing who actually made them.

These portraits are made by AI. Not photoshopped from someone’s image, but actually generated by the AI. None of these people actually exist.

Researchers from Nvidia have authored a new paper that explains the easy customization of the style of realistic faces made by a generative adversarial network (GAN).

As per the details, the concept of GAN was introduced in a paper dating back to 2014. At that time, this is how the AI-created portraits looked like.

These Fake Portraits Are Made by AI

These images have started to improve drastically in less than half a decade. After only four years, people are not able to pinpoint whether the portraits are fake or real. No matter how closely you look at them, you can’t tell the difference.

The researchers can now copy the styles of source faces onto the destination faces. They tend to create blends that contain copied features yet look like a completely new person.

Artificial Intelligence

The researchers trained the AI for seven days while using eight powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to create these latest faces.

Have a look at the collage of fake faces created by the AI.

Artificial Intelligence

This technology is going to transform the work of photography completely. Notably, it is not only limited to creating faces, but it can also generate almost everything from fake car photos to fake interior or real estate photos.

This could make generating stock images extremely easy, without the risk of using copyrighted images by mistake. All you’ll have to do is tell the AI to generate an image for you.

Via: PetaPixel

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