Asad Umar Publicly Berates PIA Chairman After Public Complaints

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been able to operate only because of the government’s support during the past decade or so.

In the last decade, PIA has incurred losses of Rs.552 billion. Only recently, the Economic Coordination Committee has approved Rs. 17 billion in support package for the national flag carrier. The airline has also adopted a new reservation system along with adding more planes to the fleet.

Yet, the customers have to face a lot of trouble from booking a flight to boarding an airplane.

One troubled individual got the opportunity to report to an authority none other than Finance Minister Asad Umar.


PIA to Add Two New Aircraft to Meet Strong Market Demand

Umar, seemingly fed up of all the complaints, immediately called the PIA Chairman Air Marshall Arshad Malik, reproving him severely.

He resented the absence of the senior officials at PIA. He also said that releasing a huge amount of Rs. 17 billion to PIA last month had been like sinking the amount in a black hole.

“For God’s sake, get somebody senior in there,’ said the exasperated minister.

  • A newly appointed chairman alone is not going to make any difference, it has to be a paradigm shift and alot has to be shaken up to close the black hole, otherwise many such chairmen will come and go & many such billions will go down the hole.

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