These Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Brands Are Unfit for Consumption: PFA

The Punjab Food Authority has been quite active for the past few months and the authority continues to find irregularities that have been making our food detrimental to health.

From ketchup to meat, it has revealed that most of the food items we use on a daily base are not safe for consumption.

This time, the PFA has declared 47 ice-creams and frozen desserts manufactured by 3 brands are unfit for human consumption.

It has taken into account the sample results, taken in September 2018, of 156 ice cream and frozen desserts from different manufacturers. 47 of these items have failed to meet the standards of Punjab Pure Food Regulations.


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PFA Director General Muhammad Usman told that the list of the sample results is available on PFA’s website. It can be downloaded by anybody.

Among the popular brands, Gourmet, Chaman and Royal’s ice creams and frozen desserts have been found to be unhealthy for consumption.

It is pertinent to mention here that as per the PFA’s schedule, it will check juice nectar (drink), ice cream, fruits-made beverages, edible ghee, and oil products four times in a year.

Moreover, carbonated beverages, tap water of WASA, meat-made items, squash, sauce, and fruits and vegetables (canned) will be checked twice a year. As for stuff like pickles, vinegar, and malted beverages, PFA will check it once a year.

Before that, the PFA had warned many meat vendors and shut down many for not selling adequate meat.

Via: Dawn

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