Here’s How You Can Earn $10,000 Per Month in Pakistan via Freelancing

By Zohaib Saleem

Before starting this post, let me tell you the answer to the question I posed for this post. Yes, it is possible to earn USD $10,000 per month in Pakistan.

Now the question becomes – how can you accomplish this task? Believe it or not, you can achieve this goal by freelancing and learning modern technologies such as AngularJS, React Native, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing.

Why Choose Freelancing?

Freelancing has great potential, be it in terms of how much it can contribute to your personal growth, as well as for your country’s economy.

We all know that today the world’s like one big global village.  The entire world is your marketplace if you like. Nobody can restrict you or put barriers in your way to earn as much as you want. It is 100% legitimate, and for the most part, tax-free income.

Now, before I tell you how to embark on this path of prosperity, there’s one thing I can tell you for sure. Something that every Pakistani should know.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a technical person. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you have any University degree or not. All you need is just sheer hard work and willpower to achieve this milestone during the next 12 months.

I know what you are thinking right now. It can’t be this easy. And that’s true. Learning the ropes of freelancing as well as the prerequisite skills, will take resources and time before you can achieve your dreams of earning big.

Right now, as a beginner, you have a long road ahead of you. But with dedication and effort, it is very much possible.

If you are dedicated to your work and intend to earn a good income.  you have come to the right place.

Now, I’m going to tell you which program to apply for, which can change your fortunes for the better. And the best part? Its right here in Pakistan.

President’s Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing

PIAIC is the latest initiative by the Pakistani government. It basically focuses on three technologies that are going to power the future. If Pakistan is to progress by leaps and bounds, this is the way to do it.

Coming back to PIAIC, it will offer courses and training related to:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2.  Cloud Computing
  3.  Blockchain


Pakistan Ranks as the 4th Most Popular Country for Freelancing Industry

PIAIC programs will be launched in collaboration with PanaCloud,  IQRA University, Pakistan Stock Exchange and Saylani Welfare Trust.

Here’s what Mr. Zia Khan (CEO of PanaCloud), an IT veteran who has already spent 20 years of his life in the software development industry, had to say about Pakistan’s freelancing prospects in the near future with the help of PIAIC.

Mr. Khan, who is also a freelancer himself, has already earned $200,000 on, a popular platform that connects freelancers with employers from all around the world. He claims that by learning the skills from PIAIC programs, one student could potentially earn $10,000 monthly on average.

He says most of his students have already achieved this target,  more recently Daniyal Nagori, who earns $100,000 on in 2018.

There are a lot of examples available for you to earn $10,000 while residing in Pakistan. And in order to do that, one must make use of modern technology. After all, technology is your Global Passport to earn anywhere you want.

How to Enroll for this Program?

You can go to PIAIC website and apply.

A maximum of 10,000 students can take classes in Karachi.

For residents of other cities, there’s no need to worry. PIAIC has also established a distance learning program to take classes online.

Here’s a helpful little introduction to everything that PIAIC aims to cover, and what it can offer you:

How to Get Selected for PIAIC Program

After applying through the website, you will be asked to do an entry test, which is held in Karachi. For now, everyone has to go to Karachi if they want to qualify for the program, though this may change in the future.

After clearing this Entry test, you will be enrolled to the program of your choice related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, or cloud computing. Depending on your choice, you can attend the courses in Karachi or online if you live in another city.

Fee Structure

Here’s how much you will be charged for attending the classes:

  • Rs.1000 per month for Karachi-based students.
  • Rs.500 per month for Online students.

NoteFee is not required to appear in the Entry Test. It is applicable only on selected students.

For further details regarding this program, click here. Or you can call them at PIAIC Helpline: 03111729526. 

This program is also starting in Faisalabad and upcoming to Lahore as well.

For Developers Who Want to Teach

If you already a developer or familiar with coding, you can also apply for “Train the Trainer Program.

This rapid fire program contains 12 months worth of training, condensed into a quick 3-month course for developers. After completing this program, you can start teaching in PIAIC as a trainer. And the best part? Trainers will get paid for their services.

To find out more, click here.

Want to have a detailed look on how to make money online in Pakistan? Click on the link then.

  • PIAIC can provide paid courses but no job. Hmm. that is interesting.

    Why there is no government job for Angular, React, Machine Learning or Cloud Computing?

    • Bhai waqai jahil ho ya aisi chawlen jaan bhooj k maartay ho… aap agar React developer yo aap ko yeh kehnay ki zaroorat pesh nahi aaye gi k PIAIC can’t provide job. React developers are in high demand. aur jo React developer 1 say 3 laakh mahinay k kamata hai wo government job kion karay ga?

      • Aap k bhashan k initial word for you too. Kya aap ko nahi maloom govt job ka matlab kya hota hai? Govt aur Pvt job ka difference bilkul nahi malom aap ko? Pvt main month k 3 Lac bhe utha rha ho ga next day farigh kar dain gy kya kary ga? Govt job main Job Security hoti hai Pension hoti hai 10 chezain hoti hain. I think he was trying to ask k Govt level py aisy institutions kyn nahi hain jahan React native aur blockchain technology jesi chezon ki demand ho.
        Jinhain React Native aur Blockchain waghera py kaam ata ho aur unhain Govt job offer ho tou woh Govt job prefer karain gy aur sath main Freelance kam start kar dain gy. Blog ka topic bhe yehi hai.

        • Aaay jahil aadmi govt job say jitna saari zindagi kamao gay na Remote developer kisi achi company mei aik saal mei kama leta hai… aur aap jesay log jinho nay sirf haramkhori karni hoti hai jinn ko kam kar k khanay parray to moat waqaya ho jati hai wohi log sarkari nokarion k liay dhakay khatay hain… Private job mei growth k chances govt job say kayi guna zyada hotay hain…

    • Aoa Brother, Globally governments are lesser and lesser involved in job creation now and are more focused on policy formulation and effective policy implementation. Good policies lead to a robust private sector, R&D infrastructure which ultimately leads to higher employment rates. I hope I have somewhat answered your concern.

  • Add most important part pakistani bank can’t open freelancers account they want income proof and bla bla they treat them like they are from outer space

    • This is just a excuse. Every bank opens an account, I’ve been freelancing since a decade and never had any issue.

      You need to provide some proof YES but even if you don’t you can still open a basic banking account with just a NIC.

      If you don’t even want to do that, open a Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash account. It’s a full bank account as well.

    • Honestly speaking, you can always create a self-proprietorship where you can show that you are a consultant. Obviously you would have to pay some taxes, but that will pave the way for you to be a bank account holder.

      • Honestly speaking, Jon Snow! You know nothing :) Have you opened such an account? I would emphatically say no.
        They whimsically ask for office address, commercial signage, visiting card, office stationery like stamp and letter head etc, contract documentation of your business relations, office phone number, legal company contact and what not. They even say that their agent would visit your office premise to assess your qualification for a bank account. Then there will be periodic KYC calls and plenty of documentation. Jiggar you need to come to terms with the fact that freelance IT engineer does not get a bank account but a roadside mechanic can get one easily. Banks have to do risk assessment and they have to calculate cost of doing business with a freelancer i.e. due diligence at first, plenty of KYC later, constant vigilance, compliance with a plethora of local as well as foreign regulatory regimes like AML/CFT, reporting your account specifics to IRS under OECD, FATCA etc, and the list goes on.
        We are all afraid of things we dont understand. Right? Same is with banks. Actually, they are adamant and dont want to understand the freelancing trade which is no different than old school self proprietorship. Account opening and marketing staff are too afraid to stamp the application because they will be called accomplice should something go wrong. They behave just like visa officers. Better safe than sorry, because, why not?
        Banking companies are lazy as hippos. So they make no clear policies for their staff leaving them to operate under constant threat of violations. They dont extend credit even to businesses easily and prefer to invest in govt securities thereby making plenty of money with their existing/old deposits. So they dont care about an agonizing freelancer applicant who will predominantly hold a current account with small transactions few and far between.
        Someone suggested basic banking account? Another hopeless thing to pursue. These bleep banks still seek source of income proof. Or they ask you to bring attested declaration from notary public and stuff detailing how and when will you make money. Such accounts carry 1-2 transaction limit per month. Useless anyway.
        You have to be a real criminal with plenty of dirty money to get a bank account faster than you blink your eyes. If you are a freelancer though, you will be dealt with like a convicted criminal.
        And please dont advise IT freelancers to enroll for tax payment just to get bank account. First off, you need a bank account to get money to be able to pay taxes if at all. IT and IT enabled services are tax free however. So asking them to pay any tax is illegal. Even if they embark upon such a journey, they will be met with a complex web of federal and provincial taxes, capacity taxes, advance taxes, sales taxes, FED on services, turnover taxes even if no money was made during tax year, inability to carry forward losses, rebates, tax claims, refunds – and what not. There was a reason govt. (starting with Musharraf) declared blanket tax holiday for IT segment (technically it is not called an industry yet). If IT segment has to be nourished, it has to have easy entry and easy exit. This warrants a freehand so that IT experts may concentrate on bringing foreign exchange against services rendered – instead of falling into abyss of commercial taxation.

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