Task Force Being Formed for Making Pakistan a Knowledge-Based Economy

The government is giving greater emphasis on transforming Pakistan from an agriculture-based economy to a technology-driven and knowledge-based economy.

For this purpose, a task force is being set up.

Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has said that greater emphasis on the promotion of science and technology that could provide innovative and creative solutions for progress and betterment of the society.

The minister was talking to Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, who is a former federal minister for science and technology as well as the former chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Rahman pointed out that a national task force on technology-driven knowledge economy was being formed. The Prime Minister will head the task force while Dr Atta will be its vice chairman.

The task force will comprise of all key stakeholders who will be coming up with recommendations to transform Pakistan into a knowledge-based economy.

The task force will cover various sectors, wherein emphasis will be laid on the promotion of technology and knowledge to gain maximum dividends in the areas of agriculture, energy, water resources and IT.

The planning minister said that economic development of a country did not solely depend on natural resources but also on its intellectual capital, quality human resources, industrial development and value-added production.

  • Dear HEC,
    Kindly Education Rules & Regulation, Syllabus, Pattern of Books, Examination, Education Data Etc Ek He Kar Do
    Her UNI Ki Apni Parhai Her City Ki Apni Book : Koi Ek Platform Pe Education Mile Tab Na

  • first step reduce defence spending and increase spending on education. since defence spending is the sacred cow that cannot be touched this whole effort is a non-starter. they have the HEC chairman there but the problem is with primary and secondary education. the country has a very low literacy rate of just 57% and they are talking of knowledge economy. what a joke!

    • the circular debt is bigger than the whole defense budget all thanks to the experienced PMLN gov which stood at 1200 Billion Rupees, also 18th amendment devolved education to province where federal gov cannot even provide single syllabus and provincial HEC were formed as a result. The education now comes under provinces, that’s a more scary joke!

  • You need to put business man or economist for this task. Phd is good for their specialization only. You need a common sense person who knows the rest of world. It is not a joke to compete at international level in anything specially in S&T. Only hope for Pakistan is to partner with China in few selected industries. Like electric bike or satellite. Also Chinese companies (it,telco,car,train,aeroplanes ) needs to open offices in Pakistan like western companies open offices in India. If a country sides with US, they develop that country like South Korea. China should be asked to do same for Pakistan to develop international credibity. Also Pakistanis need to stop the backward dirty habit of FnF based favours, appointments etc. This single bad habit of Pakistan has destroyed country.

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