Pakistan Post Launches Mobile App For Android

Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed inaugurated the Pakistan Post Mobile App in a bid to address complaints immediately and revamp postal services for the better.

The app has several features that makes use of the wide array of services Pakistan Post already offers such as track and trace, complaint handling, e-commerce, parcel collect, delivery, complaints, post office locations, tariff, postcodes and information about postal services.

Using the app, you can track your parcel throughout its journey. Also, you will be able to file a complaint with an assurance that it will be addressed duly.


Minister Murad Saeed Tasked to Revamp Pakistan Post & Cut Its Losses

At the launch of the mobile app at ECO Postal Staff College, Murad Saeed said that he takes complaints seriously enough so as to ensure the service’s improvement and the department’s performance.

He underlined the accessibility of the state-owned postal service, saying that its postman visits almost every household of the country. This also includes far-flung areas that cannot be reached by everyone.

The minister highlighted Pakistan Post’s enduring legacy as well as the credibility of the service. He also unveiled his plans for the future, with an eye on improving services.

He further revealed that Pakistan Post is prepared to target the parcel export market with a commitment to deliver items across the globe in 72 hours. The project will inaugurate by January 15, he said.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

  • Pakistan post tracking codes don’t work. Don’t even after mail is delivered. Clearly written on receipts to track UMS use this tracking number. But does not work.

  • App still seems in alpha version. Somewhere it uses tracking and somewhere tracking is named as article, nobody knows what article is.

  • Only pakpost users can register complaint through app. If you are not a customer or you are trying to be a customer, you cannot register complaint.

  • ProPakistani should reassess their policy to ensure their reputation is intact. Did the editor ever used this app before writing this article.

    Here it goes again!
    Before I installed the app i had the feeling what I would expect.
    This app can only be a result of below scenario ( wish I am wrong)
    A well connected person wins tender for building app, then goes out to his friends to find the cheapest freelancer around to build the image of Pakistan Post. #sad

    There should be an inquiry raised by top PP officials to correct this.

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