Celebrating 2019? Suzuki Raises Prices for All Car Models by Up to Rs. 322,000

While many people have celebrated the eve of New Year with vigor, some are keeping the festive spirit on the first day of 2019 as well. Many people are celebrating the first Sun of the year in different ways. Pak Suzuki has decided to celebrate the occasion in its own way.

The car manufacturer has announced a hike in its prices of both locally manufactured cars and Completely Built Units (CBUs) by up to Rs. 40000 and Rs. 322,000 respectively.



Suzuki to Discontinue Mehran VX From December 2018

According to the available details, the company has dispatched its circulars of new prices to its dealers all over the country. Here are the details of the revised rates. It needs to be noted here that the company had increased the prices of most of these models five times last year.

Model Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR)
Mehran VX  789,000
Mehran VXR 860,000
Wagon R VXR 1,184,000 1,224,000
Wagon R VXL 1,274,000 1,314,000
Cultus VXR 1,380,000 1,410,000
Cultus VXL 1,501,000 1,531,000
Cultus AGS 1,608,000 1,638,000
Swift DLX NV 1,515,000 1,555,000
Swift AT NV 1,651,000 1,691,000
Bolan 854,000
Cargo Van 820,000
Ravi 776,000
APV 2,718,000 3,040,000
Ciaz MT 1,960,000 2,060,000
Ciaz AT  2,100,000 2,200,000
Vitara GLX AT 3,890,000 3,990,000
Jimmy JLDX MT 2,393,000

The new prices are coming into effect from today.

    • Our fate of course. New companies like Hyundai/Kia will also follow them. They are all making us fool & govt is not taking any action. :/

      Why govt will take actions? All govts were involved in business directly/indirectly. So, who will listen consumer?

        • useless, Tax on imported cars is way to high. Worst thing is that new models are getting higher tax rate. Too bad policies. Other countries are dumping their waste in Pakistan and moving to Electric cars & We are facing environmental issues.

      • How do you know government is directly and indirectly involved and letting them do whatever they want?

        • Govt is not taking any action against non localization. Prices are revised due to $ rate because these manufacturers fail to localize the car parts.

          • Local Assembly Plant Cannot Make Cheapest Parts, Due To HEAVY Production Cost. I Already connected to Auto Parts industry & We have a reason to import 90% to 98% Raw Material from China / Japan for making Parts assemble in Pakistan.

              • Why They Invested to Down Production Cost ?
                I am connecting with Auto Parts & We Are Supplies of Brake Shoe to Pak Suzuki, Pak Suzuki Want Japanese Model Raw Material Importing From Japan & Assemble in Pakistan Brake Shoe for Its Car. Other Wise Not Interested : That’s a Reason Industry Want Quality Like Japan Korea Turkey with Low Cost : We have been advised to Suzuki, that we are willing to Complete Assemble in Pakistan same as Japan Raw Material, They Said OK But Sale Price Remain SAME , Which is not Possible for us, price will increase by 5 to 7% while if we can make it.

                • That doesn’t make sense. Why a locally produced part is expensive than an imported one with all the duties and stuff.

                  • Raw Material Locally Not Available :
                    JO Raw Material China / Japan Wale 0.10 Cents Main Dete hai Wahi Cheez Yaha Market Main 0.20 Se 0.35 Cents Pe Milta hai Parts Banae K Liye Aur Import Karne K Bad SRO Ki Benefits Se 0.10 Cents Wala RAW MATERIAL 0.15 Cents Se Kam Ata hai Cost :

                    That’s a reason & OEM Wale Parts Ki Raw Material Ki Certificate Mangte hai K Kaha Se Liya Agar International Nahi Hoga to Lot Cancel : Ab Kiya KARE Industry Wale :

                    Even POF (Pakistan Ordnance FACTORY) Ko Shell Sale KARTE Hai Hum Wo Bhi Certificate Mangte hai K Kaha Se Liya Aur European Based Hona Chahyeh Warna Lot Nahi Purchased Karnge :

                    • Ok I see there are two problems:
                      1- Reluctance by Assemblers on purchasing a part based on local raw material. This could be due to doubts on quality. This problem can be solved if local raw materials provider can convince assemblers that their product is superior or equal in quality as an imported one.
                      2- High price of local raw material. This is due to bad policies of FBR. Let’s hope new FBR policies make the local raw material cheaper or the imported one expensive.

                      Once 2 is solved, then 1 will be solved as well because then assembler will be interested. Right now assemblers are not interested in local one because it is expensive.

    • It should be dollar hike that resulted this situation. Give thanks to PTI government.

      • Not exactly. It’s norm. I had XLI 2006 which I purchased for Rs 870,000
        After 5 years, xli costs 14lacs
        Now XLI costs ~21 lacs.

        If we will just assemble cars, prices will be dollar dependent. Govt should force them to setup manufacturing plants here.

        Or, govt must soften their policies for new manufactures. Once competition will though, there companies will sure setup plants here.

  • Suzuki left China in 2018 due to stiff competition… I think Pakistan should also kick out Suzuki. Suzuki Pakistan is just an assembler here

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