Suzuki to Discontinue Mehran VX From December 2018

Many people would be delighted to know that Pak Suzuki is finally pulling the plug on the Suzuki Mehran VX. The company has officially announced a deadline after which it will stop producing the outdated hatchback.

As seen in a notice issued to Suzuki dealerships in the country, the company is only halting one of the variants, the Mehran VX which is the slightly low-end version with lesser features and a smaller price tag.

This means that the VXR variant, that comes with an air-conditioner and other small improvements will continue to be produced even in 2019.

The notice reads,

Dear, valued vendor(s), Management of PSMCL has decided to discontinue its Model SB308 only version VX(Mehran) from end November 2018.

In view of above, it is important to note that all the respective local parts should be produced and supply according to schedules to be sent to you on monthly basis for remaining production plan of 6734 units to be produced from June 2018 to End November 2018.

Pak Suzuki still has some units lined up for production, and has decided to completely halt manufacturing for the Mehran VX at the end of this year. The company will also need to manage surplus units, and manage their parts efficiently to get their last batch done without wasting any extra components.


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Mehran is a globally obsolete hatchback. Pakistan is the only country which still manufactures it in 2018. It got discontinued internationally back in the 90’s.

It’s about time Pak Suzuki took this step. However, the company is not discontinuing the VXR variant, and still wants to squeeze out some extra last-minute sales. Pakistan’s auto sector is about to get more diverse as a number of different companies have confirmed entry into the auto market.

  • Abdul WAHAB

    This is much bigger and better news than us sending satellites into space. Indirectly, we should thank China ?? I guess.

    • YARaza

      Mujhy laga tha ap wafat pa gay hein,
      Aisa laga tha mujhy ap feel na krna ,
      Aor sab kheriat ha ?

      • Adeel

        Ye Asli Wahab nhn hai
        Asli wala RIP kehta tha ?
        RIP Abdul Wahab ?

    • Kashif Nawaz


  • Rafi Ansari

    Lanat hai inn par, badi jaldi kiye hai ye par abhi bhi VXR becheinge ye ??‍♂️ Lanat

  • Naru-hudo

    Jitny paisy is pe lagany hai Banda 2nd hand car ko new kar k use kar sakta hai.

    • YARaza

      Sale kam hony ke wajha say he discontinue krna parra unko , jb VXR ke sale b kam ho jay ge tab wesy he total production stop krna parry ge Mehran ke , ap fikar na kro

  • Wolverine

    Bhai aglay 5 saalon mein Mehran or Bhutto ka muqabla tough honay wala hai.

    • Owaiis


  • Asher Ahmed

    No news of improvement in Quality of a car, still Oil Can material body. Closing VX only due to reason of low selling of VXR- why people pay for 50~80 thousand extra for AC?
    Third class material car, Govt must ban this car, if price increase from 6 Lac.

    • Sulaiman Lalani

      gov. k ane wale bache hi to sab se phele mehran pe hath saaf kare gen then why the gov. must ban this ugly rough n tough car :p:D

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Suzuki should discontinue all its ‘kars’.
    Crap quality, excessive price :/

  • Muhammad Muaaz

    Paksuzuki’s must be banned for selling us obselete technology for 3 times the price and dumping the scrap which they fail to sell anywhere else..

  • Kashif Nawaz

    خس کم جہاں پاک

  • Imam Bux

    What! Suzuki Mehran VX Discontinue? Abhi to ai thi!!!