PTCL Partners With Cloudflare to Improve Internet Response Time

In an effort to further optimize network performance, PTCL has added Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network to its list of internationally renowned global CDNs, which include but are not limited to Google, Facebook and Netflix.

Most of PTCL’s Pakistani domains are currently hosted outside the country. The major implication of this new agreement is that these domains are to, from this point onwards, be hosted locally, meaning greater accessibility from all three regions – North, South and Central – of Pakistan.

This move will ultimately result in an enhanced user experience for PTCL’s valued customers. Numerically speaking, the latency to downstream customers is set to decrease from 150ms and above to close to 20ms—a 750% improvement.


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Barring improved latency, Cloudflare’s new CDN also enables PTCL to access a better DNS. Since every internet related action is initiated with the aid of a DNS request, it is crucial for a company to access the fastest possible directory in order to optimize performance.

In what is a major breakthrough for the telecommunication and IP Network industry, PTCL is now connected to the world’s fastest DNS- (, which will now be accessed, hosted and served locally. The exact benefits that this necessitates for the consumer base can be seen below (The following are the reference value of delays as per DNSPerf.)

  • 10.95ms
  • 19.85ms
    Cisco OpenDNS
  • 33.85ms
    Google Public DNS
  • 68.23ms
    Average ISP

With the directory being six times faster than the average Internet Service Provider, PTCL users can expect an instantaneous improvement in network accessibility. GPON customers will access in close to 5ms and VDSL/DSL will access it within 25ms across Pakistan


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The most important benefit for users is that they will now have access to real-time content. Meaning that accessing television channels online or live streams for the occasional cricket match will be significantly faster. Barring these, users can access any of the 12 million websites that the internet has on offer, with notable and visible improvements.

The growth of CDNs worldwide has created positive externalities for the state of Pakistan. With the existence of faster connectivity, local content providers will make use of the services Cloudflare and PTCL have on offer, eventually resulting in local interests and tastes being catered for.

With rapidly growing CDN systems, the future looks bright in the world of telecommunication, specifically Pakistani telecommunication.

  • Technically it should be “PTCL Partners With Cloudflare to “DECREASE” Internet Response Time”

    • I have been using PTCL for more than 2 years and never experienced hard time.

    If the internet response time increases than the performance will decrease. The title should be:
    PTCL Partners With Cloudflare to Decrease Internet Response Time

  • (Cloudflare) DNS can be set manually be any user or any network. I have been using Cloudflare DNS even though I am not on PTCL network

    PTCL sites being moved to local/closer CDNs/providers will have nearly no benefit to average PTCL customer.

    Although, FB, Googe, Netflix etc might offer better performance due to cloudflare CDN & routing, the poor infrstrastructure of PTCL will remain a bottleneck for most customers.

  • CloudFlare Public DNS does not work on Zong.
    Zong is unintentionally blocking CloudFlare Public DNS: &

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