Profit Rates on National Saving Schemes Increased Significantly

The rise in key interest rate caused a slowdown in economic growth, which is not a good omen at all. However, the continuous hike in the key policy rates by the central bank has brought good news for those interested in investing in the government’s saving schemes.

Following the recent hike in the key policy rate, the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) has also raised the interest rates on all national savings schemes.

The new profit rates will be effective from January 1, 2019 on the deposits and investments made after the date.



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Profit rate on Defence Saving Certificate (DSC) was raised to 12.47pc from 10.03pc, which was 8.10pc on June 30.

The interest rates on Behbood Saving Certificates, Pensioners’ Benefit Account and Shuhadas’ Family Welfare Account were hiked up to 14.28pc from 11.88pc.

The Directorate also increased the return rate on Regular Income Certificates to 12pc of total investment from the existing rate of 9.72pc.

The profit margins on Special Saving Certificates and Special Saving Accounts were also raised to 11.40pc from 8.60pc.


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The interest rate on savings certificates having 3-12 month tenure was also increased to 9.98pc from 8.48pc.

The return on Savings Account was raised to 8.50pc from the existing 7 percent.

The latest hike in the profit rates came following the 150 basis point increase (from 8.5 to 10pc) in benchmark interest rates by the State Bank of Pakistan on Nov 30, 2018 through its monetary policy statement (MPS).

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