Huawei Mate 30 to Come With 5 Rear Cameras [Leak]

Smartphone OEMs these days are on a race to put more of everything in their devices – be it cameras, CPU cores, or more screen space.

Design trends and feature lists keeps changing, and the most recent Smartphone season is focused on putting more cameras or shaving off screen bezels from smartphones.

The goal is simple, make a better device than everyone else. And sometimes, in doing so, smartphone makers – especially the Chinese – push it a bit too far.

Huawei did that before, when it launched the world’s first triple camera phone – the P20 Pro. While the world was already grasping the reality of having dual-cameras in a single slim phone, Huawei wanted to make its mark and put three sensors on the rear instead. However, their approach panned out and actually improved camera results massively.

After that, we started hearing rumors that soon turned out to be actual news when Nokia was found to be working on a five-camera smartphone, the Nokia 9 PureView, which is expected to get unveiled somewhere in 2019 to become the first phone with this many lenses in one place.

However, Huawei doesn’t want to stay behind in the race. By the end of 2019, the company is likely to launch a ‘penta-cam’ phone – yes, a device with 5 cameras on the rear to provide the next level of smartphone photography. What exactly is Huawei planning to do with that many cameras? We don’t know.

Anyway, the news comes from China, where Huawei recently signed a patent for not a smartphone, but a smartphone case, as shown below.

As seen in the picture, the rear case looks a lot like the Mate 20 Pro, but with some extra space for the rear cameras within the central cutout. It could just be a larger camera section at the back for all we know and mind you, it’s still a patent for a smartphone case, not an actual smartphone design, so we can’t say anything for sure just yet.

Keep watching this space for more on Huawei.

Via SlashGear