Flexible Li-ion Battery to be Showcased at CES 2019

Jenax – a South Korean tech company – has unveiled its latest range of J.Flex batteries. Batteries that can be bent like a piece of paper in a different shape.

The main purpose of this technology is to make better wearable medical devices that will become more comfortable and flexible equipped with such batteries.

These batteries which are the first of their kind, according to the company, will be showcased at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (CES) and are expected to make way to wearable devices soon after.

Janex already showcased these batteries back in CES 2015, which took worldwide attention due to their practicality, as they can easily be fit into linings of clothes and other flexible material without having to place a solid battery pack.

The company is already well-versed with medical equipment and will showcase its J.Flex batteries at the Digital Health Summit, a part of CES 2019. Other than clothing and wearable medical equipment, these batteries can also be used for smartwatches and fitness bands.

One Big Drawback

However, the batteries still need some improvement before seeing use in practical devices. One problem is that a J.Flex battery only has 30 mAh of charge capacity, which is about 20 percent of a standard button cell. If the capacity were to improve, the battery could get used in a number of different devices.

The CES 2019 – the electronics show where the new battery is expected to make an appearance – mainly showcases new technology that tech companies are working on. Gadgets that make an appearance at the show not always make it to the markets as consumer-ready products.

The show is just to exhibit what tech companies are working on, so we can see what we can expect to get launched in the future.

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