Hajj Packages Are Getting Much More Expensive from This Year

Hajj package for this year is going to increase up to Rs. 420,000 per person in 2019 under the government’s scheme.

According to the available sources, the government aims at securing a subsidy of Rs. 40,000 per person on Hajj expenses that, if approved, will cap the total cost at Rs. 380,000.

However, until the subsidy gets approved, the entire cost of this holy journey will be marked at Rs. 420,000 per person. Last year, the Hajj expenses for Pakistan’s southern and northern regions amounted to Rs. 270,000 and Rs. 280,000 apart from the separate charges valuing Rs. 13,050 for the animal sacrifice.

The probable reason for a rise in Hajj rates is the increased taxes levied by the Saudi government along with depreciating Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar. Since December 2017, the Rupee has devalued by as much as Rs. 29 against USD when the last Hajj policy was announced.


Saudi Arabia Increases Pakistan’s Hajj Quota for 2019

Moreover, the government will start accepting Hajj applications from January 20 till February 20, after obtaining the cabinet’s approval.

It is pertinent to mention here that KSA had increased the quota of Pakistani pilgrims for Hajj 2019 by 5000 in December 2018.

Under the new policy, over 184,000 pilgrims will perform the pilgrimage from Pakistan in 2019. The government also decided to include pilgrims from Pakistan in ‘Road to Makkah’ project in phases. At first, 35,000 pilgrims from Sindh will be part of this scheme.

The verification process and immigration of the pilgrims will be held at Karachi airport. As per the agreement, Pakistani pilgrims will be provided with e-visas.

Via: ARY

  • This is Insane . Other countries give discounts and subsidies for this holy pilgrimage but unfortunately Pakistan does not provide any such facilities to the Hajj Pilgrims.

    • can’t you see the country is not rich enough to subsidize everything, Nawaz sharif did this just to gain favour of the masses, but there are many other things that this money should be spent on, for example education and health ?

    • Hajj Farz hai Ameer logon par Gareeb pe nhi

      to Jo 350k laga sakta wo 500k b laga sakta bal k me kahon ga k Rs 50k lagna chahiay Extra Tax

  • first of all who said jo 350k lags skta wo 500k b laga ly ga.. shame on u people sharm kro sirf ik party bndy ki khater us ko her ghlat cheez ko defend krny waly parh likha jhail logo .. us ghareeb bndy ka b socho jo Sara saal aisy,jama krta hajj pa Jana ka liy .. jo 500k da skty wo jaty b bhot kam a ..

  • It has to be understood that haj is an obligation only for those who can afford it according to Al Quran , irrespective of the cost . Thus no govt is under any obligation according to shariat to provide subsidy for haj . Indian supreme court passed an order in 2012 directing indian govt to gradually reduce subsidy for haj in 10 years and instead use this amount on the uplift of muslim community . The verdict was based on the Al Quran verse that haj is an obligation only for those who could afford it . So any muslim who cannot afford haj should not feel deprived , depressed or frustrated . May it be reminded that wealthy people in this world will be a small minority in jannat according to hadith . The main problem actually lies some place else . haj has become a social obligation , .

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