Fake News: Govt Hasn’t Disbanded the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee

Just a day after the speculation went viral on social media that the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government has reportedly decided to abolish the decades-old Central Ruet-e-Hilal (moon sighting) committee, the government has come up with a denial.

Spokesman of the ministry of Religious Affairs dismissed the reports on Tuesday stating that no such discussions were going on.

“The government had not decided to disband the committee; it` rather instructed it to collaborate closely with Pakistan Meteorological Department,” it said.

The spokesman further said that any such moves would require approval from the parliament and that the ministry could not single-handedly decide to discontinue the committee.

A media report on Monday claimed, citing government sources, that it had decided to task Met department with the moon sighting as it was scientifically capable of the task.

However, it turns out that this was one of the ‘fake news’ our media has been a prey of these days.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government had established this committee in 1974 through a resolution in National Assembly. The committee has since been functioning at both federal and district levels.

There has been no formal legislation since its establishment, and probably, this is why the parliamentary committee on religious affairs had raised questions on the legal status of the committee.

Via: Tribune

      • pichli news ka prove to dikhado pehly. kis Govt official ny kaha tha ye? ya es ko khatam krny ka notification dikhado

        • Kis Govt official ki baat ka reference maang rhy hain bhaijan. Yahan tou aisy aisy heery wazir hain k Aik keh rha hai k UAE k Prince 3 Din se pakistan main thy Aik keh rha hai k 1 din k liye aey thy aur ab news aarhi hain k 6 days se pakistan main thy jb k Officially woh Pakistan main kuch Hours guzar k nikal gaey. :)
          Jb govt aur uss k Officials ka yeh haal hai tou aik bechari blog web se aap Real and Fake ki authenticity mang rhy hain :)

    • I’m ashamed. Not just because i’m disappointed with the irresponsible reporting, but also because no one plays their part in media in confirming the authenticity of such news. Ager ye kaam bhi public ne he karna hay to aag laga do inn media houses and good for nothing websites ko.

  • you guys were the first ones to write about it. I remember googling it and only one other website mentioned it at the time. It’s really mighty of you to call this “fake news”. Let alone apologising for it, you are instead cashing in on this by writing an article about it without mentioning that you are one of the reasons behind the spread of this fake news?

  • Yar ye ajeeb baqwas hay. It’s happening so often now that i am losing trust in this media. Banda pehle confirm to kar le news posting se pehle. People watch news believing on their reporting.
    I wish they actually regulate this media so that they know their responsibilities.

    • Pakistan comprises of mostly stupid people and this proves it. we like to back stupid things and let go the decent/smart things for us.

    • you like to back the same who doesn’t have brain’s to know that instead of making a controversy, why not travel to the area’s of Pakistan where people says they see moon before them. moron’s Pakistan doesn’t end in 2 cities.

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