ElectroCure, an Ignite Startup, is Reducing Electricity Losses Using AI & IoT

Ignite under the auspices of Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom focuses on fourth industrial wave tech and on ecosystem development initiatives to fulfill its mission of creating a knowledge economy in Pakistan. Its national network of incubators nurtures startups, while SEED Fund provides grants to innovative, deep tech projects and startups that solve local problems and target global opportunities.

Ignite in collaboration with its funded project Electrocure which is developed by Dr. Gul Muhammad, Director Company of Intelligent Systems Networks research (CISNR) organized seminar to help create awareness among the public policy stakeholders as to how Pakistan can address its energy crisis using ElectroCure that reduces electricity losses using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Ignite startup portal (www.ignite.org.pk/nic) that gives single point data access to national and international venture capitalists interested to invest in Ignite startups, was also launched on the occasion.

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom who was the chief guest at the occasion said:

Innovation is the prime determinant of technology knowledge-based economy that can bring maximum dividends in the areas of agriculture, energy, water resources and IT. It is about time that alongside natural resources we should also start focusing on intellectual capital, quality human resources, industrial development and value-added production. We are trying to encourage more innovative products like ElctroCure that has the potential to bring our electricity woes to an end. He further said I’m sure Ignite startups will raise funding from national and international venture capitalists.

Earlier speaking on the occasion Yusuf Hussain, CEO Ignite said that the portal provides access to hundreds of startups like Electrocure or those on the way.

Dr. Gul Muhammad explained that his Ignite funded product ElectroCure (which is now commercially available) aims to reduce electricity losses up to 90% through theft detection, load balancing and identifying other administrative/technical losses reduction procedures within the electricity infrastructure.

ElectroCure is an innovative idea and solution for effective and efficient electricity data management with meter-less architecture that also provides a low-cost smart metering solution with added features of both prepaid and post-paid billing systems. The advance feature of ElectroCure introduces a Smart High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) for reliable and secure electricity distribution.

Senior officials of Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ministry of Energy and Power, WAPDA, Military Engineering Services (MES) attended the seminar.

  • Thank you PP to highlight this important event in your Press Release. I think a lot more should be written about such happenings as Electrocure Dr Gul Mohd. Director CISNR using AI & IOT and ignite CEO Mr. Yusuf Husain. I missed the opportunity to participate this event, witness the depth of Electrocure. I had encountered issues with Net Metering costs being charged by utility KE in line with the respective regulator. The procedure, costs of net metering is something one can even swallow. Net metering concept should not be a rip off of technocrat. I suggest and request Dr Gul Mohammad of CISNR by the use of AI & IOT more horizons could be opened if the regulator NEPRA is realistic, open, technology savy, seek audience with Dr. Gul Mohd. how the deprived poor who cannot afford installing a electric meter, compliance, documentation, or generator costs etc., If Dr. Gul may consider a simple IOT solution for a mobile app., which could provide a cable with a mobile app., for sale of X Number of units with the cable reaching their premises a bamboo hut, or a village school. Which a neighbour could provide for philanthropy/charity, or nominal costs, charges. The unit purchased from th solar source could be sold and then re charged depending on the terms of the seller and buyer. This way a huge capacity building process will start for the deprived population who are without electricity, and cannot afford a generator, or a lantern with kerosene fuel. I also seek an audience to please consider my suggestion, and let your team work on this asap. Allah will support yourselves and team and we’ll also talk to our PM on this subject, yes we have to be law abiding, and after regulatory clearance well do it, in the Naya Pakistan.

  • ignite is corrupt and fraud fund for political gains . this person is friend of ignite and dr ismail is main person who has given him millions for little work . they all are laiers

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