Bank Alfalah Under Fire for Sexist Policies

Bank Alfalah has been grilled on social media for what people called were the ‘sexist policies’ from one of Pakistan’s largest banks.

As per details, Sabina Ahmed – a resident of Islamabad – was appalled and let down when she was denied cancellation of a Pay Order due to lack of ‘male witnesses.’

Ms Ahmed expressed her anger in a tweet where she explained the whole story.

Her tweet went viral and people seemed to be concerned over the bank’s ‘irresponsible’ and ‘illegal demands.’ One of the Twitter users suggested that the operational and branch managers of the bank should be served show cause notices for this behavior.

He also explained that there were no such prudential regulations from State Bank.

Another Twitterati, who faced a similar situation, shared her experience:

Some people raised a valid point that what if a female doesn’t have a male family member?

Another user nailed it by inquiring if the former State Bank Governor Shamshad Akhtar faced a similar situation?

While there were some people who felt that the bank was just following an Islamic law.

According to Sabeen, she has lodged a formal complaint but she has been told to wait for five working days before someone from the customer care addresses the issue.

  • Well this was a perfect decision of that branch manager. Why you guys forgetting the rules of Allah? 2 women’s witness is equivalent of 1 man’s witness. So, either she brings 2 women’s plus 1 man’s witness, or only 2 men’s witness.

    • Ab jis jagah Sood par kaam kiya jata hai service charges k naam par wahan pe wahan par Allah wale qanoon ki baat karna zyadati hai ????

      • Bro i am not favoring for bank charges or sood. This was the personal decision of that officer or manager.

        • Bhai mere Bank bhalle Pakistani laws pe chale , Uganda k laws pe chale bhalle Modi ki phuphi k laws pe chale mujhe kya lena dena, mera bas Xee k ek baat pe ikhtelaf hai jo us ne kaha Rules of Allah, bank purely sood pe kaam karta hai is liye us par Islamic rules and regulations aayed nhn kar sakte bas….

          • Dear Pakistan is a muslim country and no law against Islam can be passed, mostly tharki are following her and author is one of them or highly paid for defaming best bank of Pakistan. Girls like her can’t buy stamp paper without witness

              • You should have some shame man, such girls are only attention seekers otherwise systems are their

                If you have shame and your sister do what she done , you would have at-least slapped her but if you have shame

                • Oh so you’re one of those to kill their sisters for honor?
                  You really need to get your views right on girls, or keep it to yourself. Shameless person, asking others to be shameful.

                  • Dear I dont kill for honor but wont let my sister to be entertainment for tharki like you

                    there is way forward to deal with complaints

                    Social media is not to be defamed for best bank of Pakistan for last 3 years

                    She can be booked for defaming alfalah under telegraph and cybercrime bill and propakistani as welll

                    • if the writer is “tharki” for writing this article, then judging from your 101 comments here, that makes you what? depraved?
                      you dont have mental capacity to write even the article.. and im pretty sure you are being paid by Alflah bank to write 3years best bank stuff..
                      what a servant!!! go home and keep an eye on your mother and sister

                    • I have capacity or not you dont have mandate to judge me or it dosnt make any difference

                      Just search on this blog site and you will find who is winner of best bank since last 3 years

                      i guess arguing with idiot makes you idiot as well so no more comments

                      and lastly please check about liberal sister and mother , she might be tweeting with 3000 strangers and telling them there stories

                    • you can judge but no one else has “capacity or mandate” judge you?

                      i’d advise you to go home and monitor your own sister and mother… dont spread your filth here

    • Gotta salute molvi logic. At least use some common sense before speaking. The “rules of Allah” are not meant for overseeing interest based banking services. That’s like defending a murderer because he recited Allahu Akbar before slitting someone’s throat.

    • Chacha, kisi larki ka rishta nai confirm ho raha. That’s only for PAY ORDER CANCELLATION. Mind telling why WHY is it required to have a witness to handle such a puny situation, even when State Bank hasn’t prescribed anything?
      کمال کرتے ہو پانڈے جی۔

      • dear do you know what PO is ??? why not you or she lodged complaint to SBP and start tharkpan on social media ??? all banks have the same process and its approved from SBP

        Have some knwoledge before you jump into some argument panday jee

      • abobobilly panday jee, if Bank Al Falah is doing something wrong the customer can simply launch a complain to Bank Al Falah Complain centre, SBP, Banking Motasib. There is no point useless discussion.

        • This is a case to learn from. If today it’s happening with her, it can very well happen with my or your female family/relative members. This is a policy adopted in all banks. I’m not against it, but such puny matters as Pay Order Cancellation must not be used as a reason to use such policies. Also, if women is allowed to initiate the transaction, she must also be allowed to cancel it.

          • Agreed but Islam and Pakistan law both accept female witness in full

            Leave anyone of them if you dont like

  • this article serving the purpose for those who want to spread immorality in the country. all the subjects in this article are linked to that agenda. down with libtruds and feminists and those (hypocrites) who exploit Allah’s deen.

  • Stupid ever post from propakistani by stupid author, it’s law of Pakistan that female witness is not considered in full . This is perfect example of gray journalism and anyone can pay and powt against any organisation

    • Looks like you have been appointed by the “best bank” to decry the situation.
      Since you are so aware of the laws and religion, care to explain the following?

      Ref: The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984 posted below by @asharamin:disqus
      “instrument shall be attested by two men or one man and two women, so that one may remind the other, if necessary, and evidence shall be led accordingly ; “

      When it is clearly stated that two women can attest, why did the bank official ask for male witnesses only? He could have informed her that in case the client intends to have witness signatures of a woman (her mother), then it must be two women and one man. But no, he asked for two males specifically. This is a breach of law and as sexist as it looks like.

      And how in God’s name did you get the idea that Bank Alfah is the best bank in Pakistan? Source?

      • Please check the body of banks which award annually declared Alfalah best bank from last 3 years

        The answer is in your narration she dont had another woman or male which was required as per law and SOP.
        Two woman and 1 male required

        • Where is this body of banks that you talk of ?
          Any website, article or publication that you can refer?

          The answer is not in my narration. If you had cared to read Ms. Sabina’s tweet before parting your mouth, it clearly states “only male admissible as witnesses”. That demand by the bank is illegal and against the law.

          Now, if you have any shred of self-respect left in you, you would stop spreading disinformation on behalf of the bank.

  • After Atif Bajwa left and Nauman Ansari took over, Al Falah bank went to the dogs and there is nobody to fix this train wreck of a bank. The head of retail Ms Mehreen Ahmed was known to be the Queen of Retail banking but this went to her head also and she’s become as incompetent and ineffective as the rest of the lot.

    • thanks for the your opinion but you dont have mandate to defame any bank on your personal opion

      Bank Alfalah is best bank since last 3 years

  • The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984

    17. Competence and number of witnesses: (1) The competence of a person to testify, and the number of witnesses required in any case shall be determined in accordance With the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah:”

    (2) Unless otherwise provided in any law relating to the enforcement of Hudood or any other special law: —

    (a) in matters pertaining to financial or future obligations, if reduced to writing, the

    instrument shall be attested by two men or one man and two women, so that one may remind the other, if necessary, and evidence shall be led accordingly ; and

    (b) in all other matters, the Court may accept, or act on the testimony of one man or one woman or such other evidence as the circumstances of the case may warrant

  • Alfalah’s service is pathetic, let alone this case of refusal. Their staff always looks tired, disinterested and helpless in most branches, I don’t know why.

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