PIA Removes Flight Attendant from Plane for Being Drunk on Duty

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is gradually mending its ways in a bid to reclaim its lost glory.

Yesterday, a flight attendant was offloaded for being drunk on duty.


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According to PIA officials, the company’s medical team paid a surprise visit to Karachi Airport on Wednesday. During their visit, they observed that a flight attendant Ghulam Muhammad Sarwar Chandio’s professional behavior left much to be desired.

The team ordered his medical test, and the report confirmed that Chandio had consumed alcohol while on duty, to which the flight attendant also confessed, later.

He was subsequently offloaded from the Lahore-bound flight PK-31.


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The spokesperson for the national flag-carrier has informed media that the airline’s management has taken notice of the incident and has taken disciplinary action against him.

  • In muslim countries, there must be implementation of the law that if a muslim is found to be drunk (or have consume alcohol), he MUST be tried in court and be given jail sentence.
    But then we are living in a country where CJ himself failed to prove the Honey and Juice bottles found in a hospital, of a certain ‘political’ individual.

  • The photos of the drunked man should be shown up freely on all social media and tv channels so that us ka jeena haraam hojaye!!!!

  • This the way forward. Keeping it with in legal limits and getting rid of the incompetent staff. Its very difficult but its doable. InShaAllah PIA will resurface once again as the No. 1 carrier. But don’t expect miracles.

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