Report Reveals What Caused Plane Crash That Killed Junaid Jamshed

An investigation board formed to probe the reasons for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-661’s crash has blamed the airlines’ maintenance department for the deadly accident.

Investigation board’s report surfaced on media on Friday morning where the reasons for the plane crash are mentioned.

In December 2016, the ill-fated PK-661, en route to Islamabad from Chitral, crashed near Havelian due to a technical fault. All 47 people aboard, including renowned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed and Deputy Commissioner (DC) Chitral Usama Warraich, died in the accident.


PIA Aircraft Collides With Passenger Staircase at Islamabad Airport

The report explains that the plane lost its power turbine blade during the flight due to which one of the two engines stopped working.

It stated that PIA’s maintenance department was due to change the blades as they had completed 10,000 hours of usage. The negligence of the maintenance department caused the accident, the report said.

The report also suggested that the national flag-carrier should hold an audit of the airlines.


A Tragedy Revisited: PK661 Victims Remembered

The investigation report also urged PIA to strictly follow the rules regarding aircrafts’ maintenance and be very careful in the future to avoid such mishaps.

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  • The report points towards the maintenance dept, while the maintenance dept will point towards non-availability of funds for the spare parts and so on,,, meanwhile the passengers of PIA are urged to look towards Allah when flying with PIA !!!!

  • After months of investigation: “It was the maintenance department”

    No sh*t Sherlock! A 4 year old could tell you that well maintained planes don’t crash out of the blue.

  • That’s it. Just mentioning the maintenance department as responsible is not enough. What further measures were taken to ensure that such incidents don’t happen again ever. Who was incharge of the Mtce Dept and who has been penalised for negligence.
    A total of 47 innocent lives were lost and no tangible and concrete action. Sad!

  • So this is the value of lives lost ? Just a report and instructions to be careful in future ?? No one charged with murder ? No one fined ? No one put behind bars ? Outrageous

  • Mr. Raza Rizvi Does the plan crashed only killed Junaid Jamshed? Other people life does not have any value or they were not onboard. Why this title “Report Reveals What Caused Plane Crash That Killed Junaid Jamshed”? I love Junaid Jamshed but other peoples life is also matter to me.
    The title disturb me alot

  • I firmly believe that the other 46 on board were also humans apart from Mulla JJ.

    Once, PIA’s Fokker aircrafts were called “Flying coffins”. Now it seems every plane of every Pak airline is a potential flying coffin, being operated with MEL (Min. Equipment List) like a commuter bus on GT Road. Thank God Shaheen Air is gone. Serene and AirBlue are also not much different from PIA since Pak CAA rules them too. They just have good traits to hide their flaws from media, unlike PIA.

    I wonder how the heck the delinquents at PIA dodge aircraft insurance companies by not following the set rules and regulations whether its passenger safety or aircraft maintenance???

  • PIA killed many people, at that time when PK-661 landed in Chitral some people noticed crash landing, but instead of cancelling flight PIA allowed another flight to Islamabad.

  • It justified the death of all those people?
    No wonder Govts always f*ck the departments :/

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