PIA Orders to Speed Up Clearance of Cabin Crew to Prevent Flight Delays

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to speed up the clearance of crew members at the airport in order to prevent flight delays.

The national airline has issued a notification, which states that government agencies should help the members of the crew on local and international flights so they do not have to wait in long queues.

According to sources, the cabin crew used to face a lot of trouble because the loader services were shut down and the crew had to take their luggage to the plane all by themselves.


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Some flights were getting delayed because the members of the cabin crew took time to reach the planes. The notification states, “All shift station managers are required to ensure that staff is available in each shift for crew assistance to save them the hassle of waiting in line.”

“The designated staff will ensure expeditious clearance of crew members from the government agencies on both arrivals and departures. Moreover, on departures, the crew members should be checked-in from Supervisor counter,” it said.

“Necessary assistance may also be rendered in tagging of their baggage and putting it on the belt. All SSMs to make sure that crew transition through the airport should be smooth and without any stress.”

Via: Tribune

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