Now You Can Level Up Your Gaming Using Nayatel Optimus With a 25% Discount

Nayatel always tries to exceed its customers’ expectations with Optimus, an online gaming optimization service. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then look no further.


  • Route optimization for reduced ping
  • Real-time ping check
  • Exclusive access to specialized IP pools for gaming
  • NAT support on all major gaming consoles

Recently, Nayatel introduced a special offer for Optimus users with one (bandwidth on demand) BOD @ 100 Mbps night session (3 AM to 9 AM) absolutely FREE every month.

This articulate service supersedes conventional support for gamers. It helps users in fixing lag and latency and allows them to have full control to choose their preferred regions. Users can check optimization results live on Nayatel Customer Portal.

For details, visit:

Pricing and Subscription

Based on customer feedback, Nayatel recently reduced Optimus charges by offering a 25% discount. Now you can redefine your online gaming experience for just Rs.150/month.

To subscribe, visit:

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