Punjab Will Have Uniform Syllabus By 2020: Youth Affairs Minister

In a bid improve the education section in Punjab, the Special Assistant to PM on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, has announced that Punjab will have a uniform syllabus from 2020 onwards.

The current government has put a special emphasis on improving the education sector as it is one of the main factors which helps nations grow.

Usman Dar made this announcement through Twitter where he also said that the Federal government, apart from the uniformed syllabus, is also working on making technical skills available to all the students.

Previously, while talking about improving the education structure in Pakistan, the Education Minister said:

New schools will be built as we have to invest more resources in education. We have to give our best shot utilising all resources to uplift the sector.

The education quality is currently dependant on the region and/or the provincial education. With this, the government will eliminate such factors and make quality education accessible to all the children throughout the country.