CAD Continues to Avoid Naming Officials in Airport Corruption Graft Inquiry

The officials of the Civil Aviation Division (CAD) are trying to avoid naming those responsible for corruption in the construction of the New International Airport.

The names are required by the subcommittee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in lieu of an inquiry. However, the division is trying to deflect any such attempts by either escaping the questions altogether or repeating the same facts again and again.

The inquiry into the corruption in the new Islamabad International Airport (IIA) has been going on for five years. Yet, no names can be identified for the individuals involved in mega corruption that lead to a whopping rise of Rs. 105 billion in the construction cost from the earlier estimate of Rs. 37 billion.

A day ago, the PAC subcommittee held a meeting chaired by Convener Syed Imam. It met the same fate as the previous ones. While the DG Audit briefed the meeting on the Islamabad International Airport, the CAD officials did not divulge the names again.


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Inquiry of the Project

As per the details, the subcommittee had sought the IIA inquiry report from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The subcommittee was apprised that the inauguration of the project happened in 2007 while its PC-I got approval in 2008 with a cost of Rs. 37 billion.

In 2014, PC-I was revised and the cost rose to Rs. 81 billion. In 2018, another revision was made, increasing the cost to Rs. 105 billion. There have been three inquiries regarding the project, as flaws were found in the design.

It was decided that after the three inquiries, it should be the Civil Aviation to present the names of the people responsible for it and details of the action taken against them.

Nevertheless, in the meeting, the aviation officials avoided replying the questions of the members while repeating the same facts briefed by the DG Audit. They did not share any of the information the subcommittee had sought from them.

Via: The News