Pakistan & Australia Negotiating For the First Ever Day-Night Test Series

After failing to convince Australia to play cricket in Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has turned their attention towards the first ever day-night Test series.

Both nations are on the verge of creating history as the negotiations have entered into the final stages, a source close to PCB explained.

Pakistan is scheduled to play Australia; once at home (in Dubai) and once away (in Australia). The day-night series is being planned for the two-Test match series.

Pakistan will travel to Australia in November and will play two matches in Brisbane and Adelaide.

This is not the first time the idea of a day-night series has surfaced. Recently, India refused to play a day-night match which was to be held in Adelaide. Following their refusal, Cricket Australia (CA) chief claimed that the venue should always be used to host the matches.

Many Test playing nations have resisted the idea of day-night matches because they put the spinners at a disadvantage due to wet conditions.

Despite their reservations, International Cricket Council’s (ICC) new Future Tour Program (FTP), beginning later next year, will not allow the visiting teams to dictate the conditions.

This implies that if CA wants to hold a day-night series, they will be allowed to do so given they are playing at home.

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