Redmi Note 7 Survives Torture on Video With No Damage

Xiaomi has made a name for itself in a relatively short span of time, thanks to its phones offering great value for money. Redmi Note 7 is the latest and a far better-equipped smartphone than its predecessors, packing a number of amazing features especially the powerful screen.

The company has been posting several promotional videos online, showing the strength of the smartphone. A recent video that circulated over different tech platforms wherein the smartphone’s screen was put through the wringer. The Gorilla Glass 5, however, remained uncracked.

In another series of videos featuring Redmi CEO Lu Weibing, a couple of tests were performed to test the strength of Redmi Note 7’s screen.

Trash Can Drop Test

The new CEO placed the phone in a trash can and covered it with tape before dropping it from stairs. The smartphone fell 18 stairs from a height of 9ft, however, the phone came out in one piece, remaining unscathed.

Mobile Phone Skateboard

While the trash can test may not be very convincing, using the phone as skates is definitely something new.

Lu straps a pair of rollers, with the base resting on Redmi Note 7’s screen, holding it firmly in place with duct tape. The skates are attached with the legs and then he moves around with his weight on the screen.

The smartphone’s screen remained intact despite carrying the CEO’s weight. Pretty solid, don’t you think?

The Chinese consumer electronics company entered the Pakistani market in 2016 and it hasn’t looked back ever since, giving tough time to top brands like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo etc.

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