United Bravo Sees Its First Ever Price Hike

During the past 12 months or so, price hikes have become a norm in Pakistan’s auto industry. Many manufacturers have already increased prices of their vehicles numerous times last year, and now United has also joined the trend.

The officials from United Motors have confirmed that the price of their vehicle Bravo, an 800cc hatchback, has been increased by Rs. 45,000.

United Bravo
Old Price New Price
850,000 895,000

Many have labeled the price surge by the auto manufacturers as unfair but the constant rupee devaluation has forced their hands. On a similar note, the United official also voiced the same reason.

The official said:

We tried our best not to put pressure on our customers but due to rupee devaluation, we have been pushed against the wall.

Noble Decision from United

Unlike many other manufacturers, the company has decided not to charge extra to people who have already made full payments and are waiting for the delivery of Bravo.

This is indeed a positive move from United as many manufacturers often send out a notice of increased prices and ask people to meet the latest price-tag instead of the price at the time of order.

The quality of United Bravo has remained under the radar for quite some time. Upon the launch of the vehicle, there were many flaws which were highlighted, such as unaligned backlights, poorly painted parts and more.

It remains to be seen whether the shipped units will also possess such flaws or not.

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  • these are fully built units from china. I f they could for China, surely they good enough for Pakistan. I suppose 9 lacs is a lot, hence people expect a bit of quality

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