PEMRA to Issue 76 New TV Channel Licenses

Media watchdog, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), is set to issue licenses to 76 new television channels in the near future.

PEMRA Chairman, Muhammad Saleem Baig, made the announcement while addressing a seminar held at the Department of Mass Communication at the Government MAO College on Thursday.

Talking to the students of Mass Communication, Baig highlighted the fact that there will be numerous opportunities for the students and that the field’s future is bright.

Future of the mass communication students is bright. PEMRA will be giving licenses to 76 new channels.

The event was attended by several notable journalists and prominent personalities including Mujibur Rehman Shami, Abid Tehami, Arif Nizami, Prof Dr. Mujahid Mansoori to name a few.

Talking about the watchdog’s plans, PEMRA Chairman said:

We are trying to give more licenses to entertainment channels. Right now, 235 radio stations have been given licences out of which there are 175 commercial licences.

He went on to say that the highest number of complaints received by PEMRA are related to fake news being spread over the media.

Via: PakistanToday

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Feature Writer

  • Why Entertainment channels ?
    Where is Science Channels ?
    Where is Education Channels ?
    Where is Pakistani Culture Channels ?
    Where is Knowledge Channels ?

    We Don’t Need NEWS Channels Please Banned it all (Except PTV)

    • The entertainment is a part of life and cannot be removed , how ever the entertainment jocks/comedy and movies as PAKistani we perceived in a such limit that every member of our family to enjoy without any resentment.

  • whats use of channels when cable operators can only carry 70 channels

    there is no DTH and Digital services in Pakistan

    Pemra is waste and performance is zero

    • Good reality check !

      Our current analog spectrum is about 500-650Mhz given cable TV deployment conditions (much like poor copper based DSL deployment by the incompetent PTCL), whereas even “poor” India is doing better with upgrades to 700-850 Mhz. Thus our current capacity is about 90 channels at best, and likely not improving.

      With about 120 existing TV channels licenses, this totals to about 200, not to mention 20-30 unlicensed channels carried by local analog operators (e.g., the popular TCH series with its mujra shows) or the cable operators’ locally allowed 2-6 channels per headend (mostly advertising and generated at the headend via Adobe Encoder media.)

      Mainly government is just trying to grab license money ( as well as rightly cutting down on fraudulently high TV ad rates.) This too will backfire as the failed 2016 DTH auction, “revived” by our “dam(n)” ex chief justice.

      Interestingly his “Indian channels” ban, practised every year, has also killed any legit DTH satellite market. Isn’t it brain dead to ban satellite receivers, but not mobile phones, tablets, PCs or just the Internet too, if you want to “stop” Indian channels?

      The net result is more local operator revenue (they charge TV channels for line up, as they don’t get a cut of TV channel ad revenue), and more competition among broadcasters most of whom should never have existed, save for laundered money via London and Dubai ( guess where all the owners reside in practice !) This further delays the digital cable market.

      IPTV is still in its infancy, though internet connections are becoming better and cheaper. Reason is PTCL fiber expansion and lower tariffs which are now killing smaller fiber/digital TV operators ( Nayatel, Storm, Worldcall, Optix) who were hardly profitable with huge and wasteful local fiber installs anyway.

  • I m dr hafiz shahid amin..gujranwala.pakistan.

    There r hundreds of channels in Pak but thr is not a single channel about naats. I’m running Naat Channel on youtube google since three years promoting only naats and naats to promote the love for our beloved holy prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم۔

    I’m Looking For a سپانسر sponsor to work with me to launch naat channel worldwide on dish.
    Can pemra guide me….

    Hello…can any one suggest me fr this noble task…

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