Most Pakistanis Are Happy With Imran Khan’s Performance: Poll

A majority of the country’s population holds a favorable opinion of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s overall performance during the first five months in power, a survey has revealed.

According to Gallup Pakistan’s survey report, 38 percent of Pakistanis rated PM Khan’s performance in the chair as ‘good,’ while 13 percent of the population thought it has been ‘very good.’

In total, 51 percent of surveyed people approved of the premier’s overall performance.

The surveyors sampled 1141 people from both urban and rural population. The people were asked, “What is your opinion on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s overall performance up until now, i.e., since his winning the 2018 elections?”

26 percent of people thought his performance was “bad,” whereas 20 percent had a “very bad” view about PM Khan’s tenure in the office; 3 percent did not respond.

Urban Vs. Rural

Imran Khan’s popularity was significant among the urban respondents, the survey report suggested, where 44 percent of people rated his performance as ‘good’ while 15 percent considered it ‘very good.’

23 percent of urban respondents termed it ‘bad’, and 16 percent termed it ‘very bad’. The other 2 percent opted out of the poll.

Similarly, 35 percent of rural respondent liked his efforts towards the betterment of the country and termed his performance ‘good, while only 12 percent thought it was ‘very good.’

As for the negative opinion, 27 percent of people in rural areas voted ‘bad,’ whereas 22 percent voted it to be ‘very bad.’ The remaining 4 percent did not respond.

Age-Wise Breakdown

The Prime Minister remained hugely popular among the country’s youth as 65 percent of approval rate came from the respondents under the age of 30.

However, a majority of respondents in the 50-plus age bracket disapproved of his governing abilities and termed it either ‘bad’ or ‘very bad.’

Via: Dawn

  • I voted for Imran Khan and NO, i am not at all satisfied with their performance. So far they have done nothing but ‘try’ to undo the damages done. The real performance will start to show once their policies pay off.
    NO, i am not one of those who expect change with a magic wand. But the currenct Govt. isn’t going hard on corruption. Definitely not as hard they promised.

    P.S. What happened to comment section of ProPK? Is Disqus removed?

    • You should have voted for Altaf bhai. Then we can all have proper leadership, economic policies and evening classes on anda & sperm.

    • You should have voted for Altaf bhai. Then we can all have proper leadership, economic policies and evening classes on anda & esperm.

  • i don’t know how you termed most Pakistanis happy when the survey was done on a sample of 1,141 people only. A handful people in 22 crore population, not even 1%.

    Gallup Pakistan conducted the survey and official number 1,141 is quoted on their website.

  • It’s simple to ignore 22 crore population and just take opinion from 1,141 people, but the reality is PTI still need to work hard to fulfill their promises, as we are seeing no real change until now, although I am more than happy with some of their decisions but still most of their decision are just for the sake of publicity and they immediately took uturn as soon as they face backlash from their own people (mostly corrupt)


    • Kahan se phat rahi hai. Aur pichhli government mein kon si silai ho rahi thi. Pata nahin log khud ko hi dhoka kyun dete hain.

      • apne room se bahir niklo aur dekho awam ko streets pe bazar me, ja k poocho pata lag jaye ga kis ki phat rai hai aur kisko sukoon hai.

        sitting at ur comfort zone writing a comment does not make u a hero!!!

  • I wonder k agr yeh Poll IK k against main aaya hota tou kya ProPakistani pr yeh Blog Post hota. :-D
    Aaj kal Media team bana hua hai ProPakistani is Govt ka :)

  • Yeah, that shameless propaganda picture with the prayer beads ought to fool the suggestible gullible believing innocents. The hypocrite insults everyone else’s intelligence with it. Does he think God is fooled too. Pathetic!

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