Pakistani Teacher Shortlisted for Cambridge’s Most Dedicated Teacher Award

Cambridge University Press has shortlisted a Pakistani teacher, Ahmed Saya, for the ‘Most Dedicated Teacher’ award.

Ahmed Saya, an A-level teacher from Karachi, is one of the six brilliant minds around the world to be shortlisted for the prize. The competition included entries of 3500+ teachers from over 140 countries for the prestigious award.

Cambridge’s official Twitter handle said it was a tough call, but they shortlisted six teachers for this year’s Dedicated Teacher Awards.

“It was a tough decision for the judges but they have now decided on the 6 finalists for the Dedicated Teacher Awards 2019,” it read.

Cambridge informed that the voting for the category is open till 27th of this month and people can visit their website to read the inspiring stories of six finalists and cast their votes.

The winner of the contest will win a trip to Cambridge, UK, as well as continuing professional development opportunities for their school, the website announced.

So, Who Is Ahmed Saya?

Saya is a teacher of Mathematics at Cordoba School for A-Level in Karachi. Ahmed’s introduction on Cambridge’s website goes as follows:

He’ll always be ready to spare his weekends whenever a student needs his help, be it academically or anything personal. I have seen him when CAIEs approach, he spends sleepless nights, conducting extra classes, catering each and every student’s problem so that each one excels. I have never seen someone who checks your homework every day in a class of 100 students just to ensure that each and every one is on track. He actually deserves this for working so hard to ensure that his students are good humans.

Other contests include:

  1. Abhinandan Bhattacharya, JBCN International School: Oshiwara, India
  2. Anthony Chelliah, Gateway College, Sri Lanka
  3. Candice Green, St Augustine’s College, Australia
  4. Jimrey Dapin, University of San Jose-Recoletos, Philippines
  5. Sharon Kong Foong, Sunway College, Malaysia

Visit this link, if you want to cast a vote.

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