This Pakistani is the Best Bowler Hashim Amla Has Ever Faced

There is no denying that Pakistani bowlers have terrorized the entire cricketing world for decades.

Modern-day South African legend, Hashim Amla, has named Mohammad Asif as the most difficult bowler he has faced in his career.

In an interview with SuperSport, the South African said:


Mohammad Asif is the best one [I faced], and [I know] he got banned for [spot] fixing but at that stage, he was the best fast bowler I’ve ever faced. He was not quick, 135kph maybe, but his accuracy was phenomenal.

Amla, who has faced some remarkable bowlers in his career, claimed that he could never judge Asif. He said that he never knew when the delivery would nip away or come inside.

We played him in South Africa and even in Pakistan in 2007. [If] he landed in the first stump I didn’t know if it was nipping away or nipping in… He tested your defence really, to the maximum.

Hashim further added that while chatting with other fellow cricketers, many feared Asif the most, especially the English batsmen.

Previously, AB de Villiers and Kevin Pietersen also named Asif as one of the best bowlers they had ever played against.

Asif represented Pakistan in 23 Tests, 38 ODIs and 11 T20Is, where he took 106, 46 and 13 wickets respectively, before he was banned from international cricket for his role in the spot-fixing scandal in 2010.

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  • Muhammad Asif was an excellent bowler with marvelous accuracy but greed and shortcut to earn money got him! Sad..

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