Apology: We Ran a Story on Talat Hussain and we Were Wrong About it

For those who read our yesterday’s post about Talat Hussain’s involvement in illegal occupation of a cricket ground in Islamabad, namely the Shalimar Cricket Ground, we were wrong about it.

In the story, we relied on sources we considered credible. However, upon further investigation, the sources failed to provide tangible proof of the allegations.

In the absence of such proof, we are taking down the story and apologize to Talat Hussain for hurting his repute and causing damage to his profile.

We also apologize to our readers for bringing you a story that wasn’t fully vetted. At ProPakistani, we strive to bring you the facts — and will continue to do so, however, we are an organization run by human beings and we are prone to errors and that’s exactly what happened.

Rest assured that whenever any factual mistakes happen — like at least once before and today — we will notify you of our mistakes and promise to do better.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • when politics decide your future then you must decide your politics. people like you are the main responsible of bad politics in Pakistan.

  • Amir Bhai you are going too far with your love of PTI. Please be pro pakistani like you were before. do not be Pro PTI. Ask your heart.

  • Sad to see how a factual story had to be retracted because disgraced journalists such as Talat Hussain have so much power. These idiot journalists, siding with PML-N think they can do whatever they want. Hope truth prevails and ProPK can run the story again to rub it in the face of the most two-faced human being on the planet. #ExposeTalatLifafa

    • I complete agree. Need to stand by ProPakistani. They never make public apologies unless they are pressured from above.

  • You guys are used to post wrong news, As I read a story for prices of Honda few months back, in which Propakistan were mentioned that it Honda reduced their prices around 4-5K only for City and suddenly I confirmed from Honda they rejected and few hours before you guys deleted that Story!!!

  • lifafa ne aap ko bhi lifafa dia hoga, warna proppaki baghair ksiis tasdeeq ke article nahi likhti,

    any how yellow journalism is good way of earning money,

  • kamyab blog bana ka bi sakoon se nahi rahsakta admin, kabi lifafa ka ilzam kabi yah pressure kabi wo pressure, kabi news lagana ka kabi news hatane ka ,kabi apni siasi muhabbat or nazaryat,, ajib zindagi ha aamir atta ki bi:DD

    • was he really 20?if true then shameless from Lifafa journalist talat to bring his upbringing and family into it on twitter. Shows how big of a man child he is.

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