Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan Banao Certificates

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Thursday, inaugurated the ‘Pakistan Banao Certificates’ scheme to attract the maximum foreign investment from overseas Pakistanis.

While addressing the launching ceremony, PM Khan said the idea is to involve Pakistanis living abroad in the making of Naya Pakistan. He was sure that the Pakistan Banao Certificates scheme will not only strengthen the country’s economy but will also generate profits for the overseas countrymen.

Here is how the official website’s dashboard looks.

Government has launched Pakistan Banao Certificates Scheme for Expats

You might have a lot of questions regarding the much-anticipated scheme for expatriates, provided you are one. You might be wondering how much you can earn through Pakistan Banao Certificates, how to invest in Pakistan Banao Certificates, eligibility criteria for Pakistan Banao Certificates, profit rates for the scheme and how it actually works.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding Pakistan Banao Certificates scheme.

What Is Pakistan Banao Certificates Scheme?

According to the government’s definition, it is a sovereign US Dollar denominated retail level instrument offered by the government of Pakistan for the Non-resident Pakistanis having overseas bank accounts.

Pakistan Banao Certificates scheme is an initiative aimed to encourage overseas Pakistanis to invest their savings in the country. The certificate offers profit rates that are higher than the United State, Europe, and Gulf countries.

The initiative allows the expats to contribute to the development of their homeland while earning handsome profits and multiple rewards

Who Is Eligible for Pakistan Banao Certificates Scheme?

According to the press release, only Overseas Pakistanis holding a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) or Pakistan Origin Card (POC), and maintaining their bank account abroad, can invest in the scheme digitally through a secure platform.

How to Register for Pakistan Banao Certificates?

Registering for the scheme is very easy and you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Pakistan Banao Certificates official website
  • Click ‘Apply for Registration’ on the homepage
  • Create your profile by filling out the details including full name, email, identity document, and genderhow to register for Pakistan Banao Certificates
  • Once successfully registered, you need to choose your investment type and provide bank account details.
  • The funds are to be transferred from a foreign bank to the State Bank of Pakistan account in National Bank of Pakistan, New York.
  • The funds reaching the SBP account must be equivalent to the intended investment after all the charges, if any.
  • Once the funds are received, the users are issued electronic certificates via email as well as on the registered account. Every certificate holder will be issued a unique identity number.
  • You can keep a track of your application through user account accessible via respective user ID and password

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, your profit (in USD) will be remitted bi-annually to the specified account maintained abroad.

What Are the Benefits of Pakistan Banao Certificates?

The investors will be exempted from withholding tax and compulsory deduction of zakat, and will also have the option to cash the certificates prematurely in Rupees without any deduction.
However, if the investor wants to encash the bonds in USD within the first year, a penalty of 1% will be levied. Redemption module of Pakistan Banao Certificates portal can be used to submit encashment applications online.

How Much Can I Invest?

The investors can inject as low as $5000 and any integral multiples of US$ 1000 in excess, thereof, with no maximum limit.

What are the Profit Rates for Pakistan Banao Certificates?

Pakistan Banao Certificate is available in three and five-year maturities, with profit rates of 6.25 percent and 6.75 percent per annum respectively. Overseas Pakistanis can buy one or more certificates from their foreign bank accounts and can be a part of this project that aims to build ‘Naya Pakistan.’

Plan Annual Profit Rate
3 Years 6.25%
5 Years 6.75%

Are you satisfied with the government’s initiatives for overseas Pakistanis? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Good scheme because profit rates in US/Canada are very low. So it’s a win-win situation for Investor and Pakistan. Much better than PM asking for donations.

    • Country’s forex reserves are very low so there’s a good chance you won’t be paid back. It’s very very risky.

  • hi, I am still confused, please let me know how do I buy them in plain English. just example I need to go to my foreign bank and will ask about the bond, possibly they might not know what I am talking about

  • 1- register on official government website : https://pakistanbanaocertificates.gov.pk/Default
    2- enter your bank details on website and amount you want to invest, it will generate Your unique reference number and email you all details how to send money.
    3- send money from your bank to the National bank of pakistan, NY with given refrence number. All details will be in email when you apply for investment on website.

    • LOL site is nowhere in the search results. I wonder how long before phishing sites are created to scam people. That huge ass domain name is ripe for typo squatting.

    • LOL site is nowhere in the search results. I wonder how long before phishing sites are created to scam people. That huge domain name is ripe for typo squatting.

    • LOL site is nowhere in the search results. I wonder how long before phishing sites are created to defraud people. That huge domain name is ripe for typo squting.

    • Site is nowhere in the search engines. I wonder how long before ph ishing sites are created to scam people. That huge ass domain name is ripe for typosquatting

  • Encashment without any deduction. Whats the purpose left for maturity. That means instead of 3 years maturity buy 5 years bond and get higher returns and encash whenever you want.

    • I think, if you will encash prior to five years then they will adjust the interest rate. e.g. If you invest for 5 years and encash after 3 years they will deduct the difference 0.50% (6.75 – 6.25) from your amount at the time of withdrawal. Because they already paid you at a higher rate.
      It happens in this type of bonds/certificate.

    • encashment without any deduction only if you encash early in Pakistani rupees.If you want to encash in Dollars than you have to pay the penalty fee.

  • is there any tax applicable on profits from this PBC investment. Since profits will be paid in foreign bank account, this would be considered as income in residing country hence should be applicable for tax of that country as on any other income. In UK, means 20% or 40% tax on this profit depending upon your individual circumstances. would be good if profits paid in pak rupees in pak bank account with no tax applicable.

    • hey man i like how you think. the others are worried about whether its halal or not. not only do you not care about that you want to evade taxes too!

      • That “interest” thing is a religious matter and a personal matter, you can do some thing better than bashing people not concerned about it. Secondly, you have yet to learn that income tax ain’t apply on overseas remittance, hence one case ask such question because those living in UAE dont pay any income tax, so now when they are comparing their options with this they gotta know it.
        So when you call yourself “Shaytaan”, you actually mean it ;-0

  • What is the profit like is it interest based or profit and loss bases if it’s interest based profit then investors then many Muslim family will stay away from it including myself.

    • You are not the target demographic. The target demographic consists of money launderers residing in Pakistan who can use these certs to wash their cash and westernized Pakistanis with a risk appetite.

  • Government should clearly mention whether it is Sharia compliant or not. If it is not Sharia compliant, then government should issue some other certificate which is Sharia complaint. Many people have same question in their mind.

  • Its a brilliant scheme. Far better than asking for donations. We were looking for something like that so that we can easily invest in Pak. Thats one of the easiest investment processes.

  • So, basically after Ishaq Dar was criticized by the opposition for issuing the most expensive bonds in Pakistan’s history @ 5.57%. The now govt is issuing bonds at 6.25 % and 6.75%.

  • there is a problem with web site no contact phone number or no email address to contact them. however, should keep a designated team to help the public at large. maybe some people are not computer literate enough. they should be a circular over all the Pakistani embassies to help the people to buy this certificate over the counter and or Pakistani national bank branches outside the country help the people to buy them

    • you have to send the money from your own account outside of pakistan not somebody else’s account. interest is also paid to your own account in a foreign bank.

      I suppose if you trust the money exchanger you could work something out with them. Many resident Pakistani money launderers will be taking advantage of this.

  • Fake sites will be churned out very soon. Government is about to get a crash course in web security. Fake sites will completely destroy the reputation of this scheme.

  • Annual profits rate is based on per thousand dollar or on 5000 dollars
    On one 5000 dollar certificate for 3 year plan
    How much i will get every year,

  • No one should buy this. Until the corrupt have their Bilawal houses and Jati Umrah’s consfiscated. Until beneficiaries of corrupt Paragon Society and DHA sale dead tax evaders are behind bars. Imran has fooled us long enough. Pakistan will develop when PM keeps his promise of taking the dirt bags to the cleaners.

    • You need to come up with sharia Compliant product as well. We go for halal everywhere in foreign countries and this is based on interest. Therefore, it’s hard to convince muslims. Asad Umar is highly incompetent.
      Disclose more clear terms and conditions.
      Purpose of gathering investment in this pool?
      Potential outcomes?
      Any non monetary benefits?
      I give you one advice Mr. Asad Umar??
      Please contact on my email if possible.

    • Honestly, Imran Khan is the only trustworthy and honest person. People are going to invest in this investment scheme for sure. However, once IK government is replaced by Zardari-Shareef mafia, forget about your investment. The best case scenario would be a return of your investment in Pakistani rupees. It’s highly unlikely to get your investment back in dollars!!! WELL, TIME WILL TELL!
      Pakistan government in the past has been borrowing and spending money recklessly and lavishly. Hundreds of billions of dollars in loan with exuberant interest rates. Those repayments are being made by more borrowing. A vicious cycle that would never end. This is the result of blatant corruption and mismanagement. Our country is producing almost nothing and deficit is growing….

  • The scheme is excellent. But it process lake authencity. It should be made convenient for Overseas Pakistanis to purchase through overseas Bank.
    In order to make it successful:
    Following steps are required immediately
    1. Registration through overseas bank. To give more reliability and reduce the time to process.
    2. Issuance of Certificate through overseas bank on sending of Payment on the spot. Instead of waiting for payment confirmation
    To avoid mismanagement in tracing the amount and sender.
    3. Encashment at issuing bank counter immediately at issuing bank counter overseas and payment of interest via issuing bank account holder.
    4. Complete information of Government responsible for handling repayment/encashment. Penalty for delaying repayment and interest.
    5. Government sovereign gurantee to be made in writing on Certificate and its publications in media and news print in Pakistan and abroad
    It require to make it more friendly and easy, many overseas Pakistanis labor’s does not have accounts due to high cost of minimum balance. To help it And to encourage saving and remittances the Pakistanis Banks shall open accounts without limit of minimum balance

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