PAF Converted Land for ‘National Security’ Into a Housing Scheme: Report

An audit report has revealed that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has developed a housing scheme in Lahore which was acquired under the pretext of ‘national security’.

The report on the aviation division has been submitted to the Public Accounts Committee. As per the report, the acquisition of land, turned into a housing scheme, has incurred a loss of Rs. 1.92 billion to the national exchequer.

The report states,

During the audit, it was found that Civil Aviation Authority (GM Walton Aerodrome Lahore) could not get vacated CAA land at Walton Aerodrome measuring 19.21 acres from PAF that forcibly occupied the land in 2006-07 on the pretext of national security and for setting up radar. However, the same land was sold out to members of the Pak Falcon Society for which each member had paid the cost of land/development. This resulted in the unjustified/unauthorized occupation of CAA land valuing Rs1,921 million.


All Commercial Properties on Military Lands Should be Destroyed: SC

The CAA replied that many land issues pending between the authority and the PAF were under process for settlement, as per the report.

However, the audit officials opined that the issue needs to be taken up at an appropriate level for resolution.

CAA Board

Notably, on Nov. 2, 2011, the CAA Board expressed resentment over the encroachment upon the CAA land and ordered to identify the encroachments at all airports. It further directed to penalize the concerned airport managers/officers who failed to safeguard the CAA land from encroachment.

The departmental accounts committee (DAC) had sent the issue to the PAC in Dec 2012 while directing the CAA to submit the original title of allotment of land to the PAF for the radar’s installation.

The CAA officials apprised the PAC that the said area was already out of bounds for civilians and thus, could not be used for commercial or residential purpose.

Via: Dawn

  • Now these are the corruption cases no body can talk about, if anyone would, they may regret it their whole life, systamatically pakistan is being encroaced upon, sadly no body can stop it, no government no courts

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