PIA Continues Losing Millions Thanks to Multiple Grounded Aircraft

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been incurring losses of millions of Rupees every month as half a dozen of its aircraft are grounded for minor faults, a local media report said.

It has been revealed that the previous management of the national flag-carrier had been running the airline on ad hoc basis and took no interest in its revival; hence it mounted billions of Rupees’ losses every month.

The report revealed that the PIA-owned Boeing-777 AP-BHV aircraft was grounded a year ago because its engine needed a repair. It’s been 12 months since, and the management hasn’t considered bringing it back to the fleet.

According to a well-placed source in the aviation industry, the aircraft was left grounded because PIA couldn’t afford the rehabilitation, and it was later forgotten. The source maintained that if the previous management had bothered, the plane could have been repaired a year ago.

The new management, under CEO Arshad Malik, is making efforts to revive the aircraft, but it is a daunting task. He explained that it was because the cost will be three times now as “many of its parts have been used in other aircraft.”

Recently, the airline had utilized parts of Airbus A320 in other aircraft to minimize their losses. However, the remaining aircraft will keep incurring losses, as PIA has to pay rent of the non-functioning aircraft which are on lease.

Similarly, its two grounded ATR airplanes, procured on dry lease, are also causing losses of millions of Rupees every month.

Moreover, another PIA aircraft – AP-BKZ – has also been grounded because of ordinary non-operational parts, while AP-BKW is yet to start flights after getting its new engine.

Via: BBC Urdu

  • Kindly take over and hand over complete access and charge of PIA to PAK AIR FORCE .

    If PIA Still Cannot Get Profit Then Privatized it.

    • What does PAF know about running a profitable airline?

      As it is PAF officers are being forced into management positions at PIA and no good is being done.

      PIA should have been privatised years ago.

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