China to Sell an Aircraft Carrier to Pakistan

China plans to sell its first aircraft carrier, “Liaoning”, to Pakistan, in order to allow it to compete with India. This sale is expected to boost Pakistan Navy’s strength, help match the Indian counterpart and improve Pakistan’s military relations with China.

According to the media reports, China plans to carry out a “large-scale upgrade” of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and “sell it to Pakistan to compete with India.”

The carrier could be sold to Pakistan by 2020.

The report further stated that Pakistan will be the best destination for it and said that by then the Liaoning, which was commissioned into the PLAN in September 2012, will have served the Chinese Navy for about 8 years.

Gwadar and Karachi are already described by Chinese Navy strategists as a “logistics base” and “PLA Navy (PLAN) base” respectively.

This isn’t the only military vehicle that China wants to sell to Pakistan. During the past few months, plenty of armament and vehicles have been sold to Pakistani armed forces, including nuclear weapons technology, warships, aircraft and missiles.

Moreover, Military cooperation between Pakistan and China seems to be increasing more and more with time.

  • I would like to see the sources / media reports of this “news”! I hope its not just FB post shared by some random “defense news expert”.

  • I hope this is not of Ukrainian origin. If that is the case, we should negotiate the price very very staunchly. This, as the Chinese claim would be the best training material. As for the parity between India is concerned, they will be commissioning 2 more by 2020-2022. Chinese are bringing India as a bait to sell this. Nevertheless, we should bargain.

    • I remember when I was in Hong Kong in 1992, several countries including India was interested to buy this from Ukraine or erstwhile Soviet ( I am not sure about that). At that time China was under severe sanctions from the West. Chinese couldn’t buy this for military purposes. So Chinese, through a third party business man, bought this to make a floating casino in Macau. Turned out, Chinese covertly worked on this for military purposes. The problem with this now is most of the equipments on board are of Chinese origin and the carrier itself is aged. It would require a great deal of money for maintenance and operations. It would also require great amount of money to train personnel on these somewhat obsolete Chinese equipments. I agree with you that Chinese are dangling ‘India’ carrot to sell this to us. Only time will tell whether we will fall into this. This will boost our image of having an aircraft carrier theoretically but practically this will be a white elephant.

  • China Needs Pakistan Support to War With iNDIAN :

    Just Wait Battle Of Hind (It’s too Near)

    • Ap jaisay bewaqoof log jinhon ne zindagi me kabhi jang nahi dekhi vo har waqt jang ki hi batain kartay rehte hain.

        • Bhai tum is baat ki guarantee dei saktei ho kei woh hadith bilkul authentic hai? Kyuke aesi bi hadith hain jinme yeh ghalat cheezei likhei hain jesei muslim ko akhrat mei 72 virgins milti hain….

        • Until there’s no other way we should always give peace a chance. War results in so much senseless bloodshed and violence. So many innocent lives lost, and for what? Haven’t you learned anything after watching the wars in Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Palestine, and countless others? The leaders who send young men to die in their wars don’t suffer. While common people like you and I do. War should always be avoided unless there’s no other way, and if there’s no other way then it should be fought like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Observation .. yahan par kuch logon ka kaam sirf ye hai ke Pro Pakistani ki har news par fake comment karte hain… PRO PAKISTANI guys keep up the Good work & dont worry about these (Commenters)
    (Them … must be Endians )

  • Running an air craft carrier costs about $2 million per day. Pakistan simply can’t afford this white elephant. Also it brings no definite advantage to Pakistan Navy as Pakistan doesn’t have a large coastline and neither should try to become policeman. Almost all important Indian cities can be reached by our air crafts if required. So its better to upgrade our air fleet instead of investing in this white elephant.

  • I think we should resolve all the issues through dialogue and spend money for the betterment of our countries…..

  • We should not be a dumping ground. This aircraft carrier is quite ‘aged’. Countries cannot sell us junk by pitting us against Indians. India can afford more aircraft carriers, does that mean we stop all our economic activities and focus on this stupid race? Decision of our PM will be paramount.

  • “Gwadar and Karachi are already described by Chinese Navy strategists as a “logistics base” and “PLA Navy (PLAN) base” respectively.” This is worrying. What has the future in store for us?

  • By the way why does Pakistan need a carrier,as far as i know our enemy is rite on our eastern shoulder not in the pacific neither we have any plans to conqure new lands or project power to third world countries we being third world country ourselves.
    If china wants to place its carrier in arabian sea why make us buy it just do it on your own cost and arrangement.

  • Excellent FAKE news. Keep making Pakistan proud. We were also supposed to be to on the moon tomorrow…but hey…still 2 hours till midnight.

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