This Courageous Girl from Buner is Not Letting Her Disabilities Define Her

Saba Gul, a teenage girl from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Buner area, is a true picture of courage, bravery and enthusiasm.

Saba lost her both hands due to a severe electric shock in 2005. She recalls this incident in these words:

“I was playing with my friends when a high-voltage wire fell upon me. My parents rushed me to the district hospital in Buner. The doctors amputated both hands and since then I am using my feet as my hands to get through life.”

What’s most important is that she did not let this tragic incident being a hurdle in achieving her goals. She gets through life using her feet as hands.

Gul has recently got admission in KP’s one of the most prestigious colleges, the Islamia College of Peshawar. She was very excited about her admission.

Saba idolizes late Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir and the renowned model in the wheelchair Muniba Mazari and wants to become a lawyer.

She wants to work and struggle for the rights of women, especially the physically challenged.

Saba has become an inspiration to her classmates. Her fellow students and close friend envy her bravery and wish her luck for the future.

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