Jubilee Life Launches Smartphone App for Easy Insurance Management

Jubilee Life Insurance has introduced a smartphone application called Live Free on Android and iOS platforms.

Using the new app, Jubilee Life’s customers with investment-linked plans have the convenience of accessing their policy details. Vital information such as plan name, policy initiation and maturity date, premium amount, last premium paid date, dues and coverage can all be viewed through the Live Free app. New payment options have also been introduced such as Cash on Delivery (COD), and credit/debit card.

Jubilee Life seems to be focused on simplifying the process of buying life insurance without elaborate documentation. With Live Free, you can buy life insurance policies that have been developed keeping your needs in mind – all with just a few clicks! The products offered have been designed to meet the varying needs of a large audience.

Among other interesting features, Live Free app also keeps people updated with sports news from around the world. This is a big plus for people who like to keep themselves abreast with sports without having to install an additional app or search for their interests.

For queries, people can use the application’s ‘Feedback/Get help’ option and request a callback.

It is evident that Jubilee Life is attentive to changing consumer dynamics and providing solutions to those who prefer to avail products and services on-the-go! Live Free serves as a one-stop solution to buy policies, handle policy details, make payments with multiple payment options, apply for renewals with extensive access to various features and updates. It’s insurance on the go!

If easy and convenient insurance is what you’re looking for, or if you want friends and family to become part of the Jubilee Life family, invite them to join through the Live Free app today.

The app can be downloaded using the links given below:

For Android – Google Play Store

For iOS – Apple App Store

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