Murad Saeed Announces Pakistan Post’s E-Commerce Initiative

Adding another feather in his cap, the Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed, has inaugurated an E-Commerce initiative at Pakistan Post.

The launching ceremony, held at Pakistan Post’s Islamabad office on Saturday, was also attended by the Director General Pakistan Post Dr. Naseer Ahmed and other senior officials of Ministry of Postal Services.

Director General Pakistan Post Dr. Naseer Ahmed, while talking to the state-owned newswire agency APP on Friday, said that the national postal service has the capacity and commitment to cater to online vendors for their cash on delivery products.

He added that many international portals have already have shown interest to enter the Pakistani market with Pakistan Post as their delivery partner.

He said that Pakistan Post is going to enter the e-commerce business to meet the contemporary needs of today.

Pakistan Post On the Rise

It is worth mentioning here that the loss-making department is in the process of regeneration during the PTI government.

The national postal service first launched an Urgent Mailing system in October 2018 which promises nationwide parcel delivery in 12 hours at half the rates charged by its competitors.

And now in early January, the department has announced ‘export parcel service’ which offers parcel delivery to foreign countries in 72 hours. The charges for this service are about five percent less than competing private companies.

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