PepsiCo is Investing $1 Billion to Set Up a Potato Plant in Pakistan

Federal Minister of Information Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Monday welcomed the decision of PepsiCo International to invest $1 billion in Pakistan.

During a meeting with the minister, Senior Vice President of PepsiCo Krista Pilot said that the company intended to invest in food (snacks).

Under the investment, a potato unit will be installed in Multan, she said.

She asked that Prime Minister Imran Khan should inaugurate this potato unit, adding that the farmers who cultivate potatoes would benefit from the installation of a potato unit in Multan.

Fawad said that British Airways, PepsiCo and other global companies’ investment was ample proof of growing trust of the world in Pakistan.

He said Imran Khan’s vision, policies, and reforms’ agenda would attract more foreign investment in the coming days.

The government wanted a collaboration with PepsiCo in promoting Pakistan’s diverse culture, music, and tourism.

He added that Pakistan was a beautiful destination for breathtaking valleys and colorful cultures and the government would promote the real face of Pakistan to the world.

Foreign investment would increase employment opportunities in Pakistan, he said.


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