Couple Demands Rs. 100 Million in Damages Against KP Police

An Abbottabad couple has filed a lawsuit against the officials of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police for keeping them locked up for seven days in a fabricated criminal case.

Former woman councilor Jamsheed bibi and her husband Mohammad Shabbir from Nagri Bala, an area of Abbottabad, have filed a lawsuit against four police officials namely, Mumtaz Muhammad Irfan, DSP Investigation Haripur Jamilur Rehman, Gohar Rehman former SHO Dunga Gali and ASI Khalid former investigation officer police station Dunga Gali.

The petitioners have stated that their apprehension was a result of a personal grudge. The petition further explains that the above-mentioned police officials registered a fake case against the couple and kept them behind bars for a week because they had filed a complaint with the ombudsman regarding the misdeeds of these cops.

The couple has demanded an amount of Rs. 100 million in damages as their reputation in society was ruined.

The case has been referred to the Civil Court and the date for the hearing has been set for March 18th.

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